Michigan Deaf School “Expose the Truth” part #1

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~ by Tar2006 on October 17, 2007.

19 Responses to “Michigan Deaf School “Expose the Truth” part #1”

  1. Could you please make your text a larger print? It’s hard to read when it’s that small.


    thanks for sharing your experience at MSD.

  2. Hello, Welcome to Vlogland…

    Yes, I know someone close that went to MSD, and that person ended up attending to MSSD. That person felt better with MSSD, because number one is no one knows that person’s background, and number two is fresh start for that person. MSD houseparents remembers students’ mistakes and problems and they remind them all their lives. It made this hard for them.

    Thanks for bringing this up.

  3. oh, yes, in 1970’s, MSD had SBG, yes, but weak. I am glad you brought it back. It is a good organization.

  4. too wave hand and lower on bottom line, sorry

  5. You do realize that MSD is not in the state budget? Therefore, MSD is running on a very, very limited budget. So they can’t hire enough staff, good teachers, and administrators.

    Not only that, but to be honest, c’mon. You guys need to be doing homework and studying… THEN when you’re done, socialize. If people want to see more deaf staff at MSD… then tell the leaders in MI to *stay* and encourage others to work at MSD.

  6. I just changed my text print.. Does it look better now?
    I’m also sorry about bad video too, I might redo too..

    I want to respond Deaf Pundit, I already know all about this but you have to think about their attitudes toward to students and how much they treat to this school. Would you want to stay at school that has lack of respect for you and could you want to stay there when there are strict rules that reduce your freedom. We must think about incorrect students who following the rules and took their rights out because of 1 person made a mistake? How can school function it selves without have student to be involved with setting the rules? I tell you what; you have to be student there to understand.

    Thank you, EVERYONE!

  7. i wonder if you are still a student of MSD. I was a MSD student but in a different state. 🙂 anyway i can see you are naturally leader. being a leader is not easy. you has learned alot about leadership. too bad the school is not trying to work out with you and your fellow students to improve the quality of dorm living. i think it is shameful thing for them to do that to you. living in dorm can be hard due to many restrictions. they should provide some activities to keep them busy and in good spirit. not all activities require money. try to talk with a houseparent or counselor to see if they can plan something to keep you busy. you could create some activities as long as they are with in school rules. it is not good to have many rules in dorm. possible talk with parents… talk with supt… keep plugging. good luck.

  8. Tar,

    You have stated your opinions about your experience as an MSD student. You state that you have been at MSD over the course of 13 years – I beg to differ. You have attended different schools during those 13 years, have you not?

    Have people who viewed your Vlog know that you graduated from MSD over a year ago? No as in not clearly stated in your Vlog.

    Have you been involved with MSD since you graduated? No. The only time I saw you at MSD was when the film, “Wrong Game” was shown on campus.

    Do you know what MSD has done since you graduated? No.

    You want to make a difference at MSD? Start befriending people, not targeting them.

  9. Hello!

    I want to respond to this specific MSD employee. I have cleared that I graduated from MSD ( Class of 2006 ) but my VLog was not being clear up and pardon me about that.

    In the general, I had attend to different school for almost 4 years and I can clear up to you, I arrived MSD at 1993 – 1996, 1999 – 2001, 2002/2003 – 2006 as 13 years student, I had been through many issues at MSD which I felt this should be share message to the world about positive and negative ways where we need to see what need to learn from that lesson. This VLOG was placed last year ago and I wish I can add something learn from the lesson. I am planning do those sometime this year! 🙂

    I must say that MSD has changed lot since I graduated which I believe that I have statement in there but I am speaking of the past. Maybe you can share your experience at new ERA of MSD in VLOG? Hee hee

    Thank for discussion about it.

  10. Hello ” h…. “,
    Thank you for cheer me up and no, I am not MSD student anymore right now. I am alumni member of MSD which I had my desire for the best of that school. I gave all my energy to change this school system in risk way when I was student. Of course, every leader always made many mistake as we’re not perfect human. I took my risk because I knew it was wrong and it needs to solve its own issue. Even today, some current student recently using videophone me and told me that MSD has changed its rules which is worse than past. To me… I am start to wondering if MSD haven’t learned their lesson when I tried to show the truth to them? They are continue make the same mistake as for 1 example, they set up the several rules without having student to be involved to discuss how can it will teach us to learn about their issue as we need to show supporting each others.. Right now, they has no students to be involved the setting rules and how can they go ahead without their knowledge to understand what is their purpose of that and something like that. Please don’t tell me that MSD doesn’t have a time for this.
    Thank again! 🙂

  11. I have to agreed with him! I was a student for 2 years and wasn’t happy with all those faculty and Staffs. They don’t give a fuck about the student’s complaint and rather ear nothing. Even I was abused by Students and Staffs due to bully. No one wants to hear the problem and think it is okay to be bully. Now, it is time to VOICE! As the Priniciple, Ms. Winker, does she have PHD? What about Dave Sanderson ( Supt), does he have PHD? if not, then what’s going on wtih MSD? If they want to successes with Deaf Program at MSD, Listen to the Student’s voice. Why? they know the truth and what’s not?! Look at ISD, They successed because they have TIME to do something and look at MSD? what happened???! Stop being favorism, Staffs and Faculty! I dont care if you disagreed, but I am sure the currently students and former students would have agreed with me. What sad about students, no one can turn to? PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT MSD! I want see MSD success!

  12. oh i was assuming you were still in the school. but i am impressed you still care about students at the msd. most of time students wanted no part in their school after graduation like I did. hope someone is carrying your torch after you graduated. arent you in college? anyway welcome to the real world.

  13. I gotta say MSD is running just allright of course no school is perfect… the main problem at the school while taurean was here is him he a leader that dislike a simple rule to follow or accept consequence and now he graduated and cries about it…. there plenty of other student and former student like myself that are real proud graduating MSD
    Hey Taurean… go pick a different subject to argue it clearly that you are being negative about MSD some kind of publicity you are…. you are not helping at all

  14. Hello Mudduck, thank you for share with me.
    I want you to understand something.. I am not enemy to this school, you, or anyone. I am speak out what is best for this school. Your time when you was student.. It was totally different than today. You’re houseparent at Dorm and I am sure you have noticed something different than before.

    I am not looking for negative public about MSD. I am looking for resolve the issues and have them to learn about our mistake lesson and don’t do the same thing to their deaf school.

    We may not agree each others but it is nice to know people to see yuor comment. 🙂

  15. Hello, everyone.. i am current student of MSD so I think I am completely agree with Tar like 100%. it is my opinion so since in my 4 years of MSD, i was problem-blinded until one year later, somehow I realized that MSD have something wrong.. MSD is alright for now but before.. ekk.. excuse me. I notice that MSD tends to ignore student’s voice but it doesn’t matter if they don’t have time or have time.. but still, they have a time to listen Student’s voice also they knews that Student’s voice will might changes something different so instead of they have to do is, just let them speak up but never realizes that student tried to suggest MSD need to change something… there is my comment.. TAR i agree with you.. anyway it is my opinion. Thanks!

  16. […] Direct Link: https://tar2006.wordpress.com/2007/10/17/michigan-deaf-school-expose-the-truth-part-1/  […]

  17. I would like to note to that person who Graduated from MSD…I am getting really TIRED of seeing MSD being targed with negativity by MSD graduates. YOU implied that you graduated from Michigan School for the Deaf THEN You should be helping or getting involved with MSD alumini to make this school better. YES it is getting better and yes too much rules some not neccessary but really whose fault is that…the students who don’t want to follow the simple rules.

  18. I wanted to give you an example.

    A brand new staff was hired at MSD this year. Staff viewed your vlog and felt wow..so much negativity. I had to reassure that you had some unfortunately bad experiences at MSD. Like the previous comments (peachy), Work with us and the MSD Alumni. If you are still proud to be MSD graduate…

    The rules have gotten stricter is the result of students couldn’t follow the simple rules. Students could have fun ONLY if they follow the rules.

    You say expose the truth..half of your story is truth and another half is only your opinion so it doesn’t make it all the truth. MSD has been changing under new supt. for past year and Staff here are striving for the best place for the children. Like I told you, get involved with MSDAA and work together to make it better deaf school. I merely suggest for you to make a better vlog to help MSD in appropriate way. Another suggestion, Get a better video. I don’t enjoy watching blurry picture and ended up reading your transcript. If you want a future VLogger, do a better job.

    You are a leader and please lead in right way.

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