Thought about SSI (Supplemental Security Income)

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~ by Tar2006 on October 18, 2007.

24 Responses to “Thought about SSI (Supplemental Security Income)”

  1. Yeah! I just wrote about VR helping?? here is the link:

    I am so glad you speak up about SSI problem. It should be changed. SSI failed our society. We need to improve them, yes.

    We need to find a way to change it. We can learn from blog and vlog.


  2. Not all deaf people used SSI for drug or weed! They need to be encouraged to find a job, but who will hire them? They don’t have good education and trade skill!

  3. Let me tell you, It does not applyt only Deaf people who get SSI. Native Alaskans do receive that kind of benefits because they don’t want to work. They felt that it is government’s job to “feed” them. They don’t want to work and pay taxes for them. They said, why should I work for them when they bought Alaska in 1959(correct if Im wrong). They felt that our “white” people have destroyed thier native language. Thier native language is starting to disappear pretty soon. They blame our government for purchased thier land in 1959. So it is kinda way of thier revenge against our government.

    As for Deaf people, they are LAZY. They just don’t work. They think it is boring. They like to stay at home and eventually become loney. They tend to find a way to revenge others just because they have nothing to do with thier lives. I think it is really STUPID for deaf people to get SSI. Deaf people have two arms and two legs to find a job. So are hearing people. I know some hearing people get SSI because they have chronic illness or whatever they find to make an excuse to get SSI. STUPID! I am really ashamed of them for being so lazy and get SSI.

  4. Hello Meow, like I said..
    SSI should be continuing applied to some field for anyone who cannot function themselves and included owe it to Native Alaskans too.

    You made your point about Deaf get SSI as I thought why don’t we have our Government to help Deaf people get job so they can understand what is the real life look like?

    Peachlady, Meow just responds to your comment! *Wink* I also did mention that not all deaf use SSI for drugs/weeds too.

  5. Want to be qualified for SSI, take drug test first and every few months taking test to continue collecting SSI is an idea, how about that?

  6. Our governement GAVE FREE LANDS to native Alaskans. Why should native alaskan get government money????What more do they ask for? They shouldn’t receive our government money! Giving them free lands is ENOUGH!

  7. good topic young guy! it is been a burning issue for years. with ssi system body-abled people have no incentive to look for a job. i can understand some people with physical or health issues are not able to work. some are in college or trade school in hoping to get a better job/life. it is difficult to live on such small income. they really cant save it at all. even if they want to earn extra little income or have extra money in the bank, then their ssi would cut back. so they choose not to work or save at all. it is no secret that some would spend on drugs with ssi. no work leads boredom and feeling worthlessness which can lead to drugs or drinking or depression. some are suffering discrimination. poor education background forces them to live on dole. some are just plain lazy. i think a key for all who are on ssi to mandate them to visit VR for job or training/program. for example, people on unemployment income, they are required to report job search weekly to employment office in order to get their weekly check. That forces them to act. with current ssi system, there is no incentive for them to act something or attend some kind of program to get work otherwise they lose their eligiblility. the problem there is no budget to make it happen. also encourage companies to hire disabled via extra tax credit.

  8. Hello- I just read your blog, and I SO agree with you. I have seen soo many of my classmates, friends outside of school, they just don’t work at all, or use the advange to go to school and get a good degree for a good job than working at Mc.Donalds flipping burgers for only $6.75 bucks.
    Myself- have been put down by a couple deaf people, because they don’t understand how hard I work, and how much I study. They just laugh at me. To be honest, I do get SSDI/SSI, but the money that I receieved actually goes to my living expenses.. I feel good that I get help, but I’m lookin forward to stop getting SSDI/SSI and work 40 hrs per week, after I finish graduating from college, which is a good idea. I tried to explain that to many of my friends and they didn’t really get it, or finish my longterm goals.
    It’s very frustrating, I just try not to discuss that. But your blog made me feel that I want to write. Thank you.

  9. The hell with it. I’ve worked for a long time, but I have no guarantee of always being able to work, what with this economy and all. If I lose my job and cannot find work, you BET I will get that unemployement and SSI while I look for work. I paid into this system and I will use it if I need it. I think it’s a dangerous argument to make that all deaf people abuse SSI.

  10. Perfect for that guy who is an avid blogger should watch and your v/blog. I can’t say who.

    Unfortunately Yes it is true for many Deaf collect SSI. I don’t think it helps them to get out and find the job. I had collected SSI a very short time (while I was a student in college) and I did many volunteering works. It would be nice if the SSI policy requires that Deaf and Hearing (of course able bodied) to do the volunteering works or else SSI will be taken away! I have seen messy places all over the places. Littering on ground, Grasses are too tall, la la la la and many more.

  11. Interesting topic everyday on SSI, eh?

    You don’t have to blamed on Gov’t system. It’s legal for Deaf people to receive SSI. In fact, some Deaf people have a full job with SSI. There have a rule for it. You do get more money from a job with SSI, better than on SSI’s money alone.

    Some Deaf people are still on SSI while with a full time job… to secure their future if they lost a job for a good reason.

    Often Deaf people are on low income because they are coming from a poverty family. Many of parents don’t think their Deaf children will have an excellent intelligent, thus they don’t invest in their children’s future by start with saving the money for college.

    So… Don’t blame on many Deaf people. Don’t blame on Gov’t system. Blame on their parents who should have invest on children’s education and job world.

    My .02 cents.

  12. This is perfect for you to contact Bill Bowman ( not sure correct spell) he works for SSA in Baltimore, MD. I dont have his email address but I will try to find his work email address. maybe you and Bill can discuss about this issue..


  13. goverment steal akaska oil for business so they pay to native askaskans, USA bought askaska before 1900 from russia. Russua need money for war

  14. I am a full time mother taking care of my kids and I am drawing SSDI. Anyway my husband’s and my family live far away that could not be here helping watching our kids while we worked and we could not rely friends all the times because they had their times with their families so we decided for me to quit working and taking care of kids while he worked on night shift. It was worth and of course I used ssdi for kids’ needs and important needs. Yes, it is very sad if other people with ssi spend on drugs first than important needs. I still do not know for better suggestions but we must keep ssi program for very good reasons.

  15. Wait…wait…wait.. SSI and SSDI is completely different! SSI comes from your (everyone that works) taxes and person who collect SSI has “never worked” due not enough credit to qualify for SSDI are not from your taxes. SSDI is for person who are deaf, blind and or severed disability that did work for a period of time (not qualified to get SSI). I dont have any problem with people collecting SSDI because it is based on their work in past. It is just the SSI and how people’s attitude when they say they use SSI money for drugs. I respect for those who are severed disablity and never work but made many attempts in looking for job making more than SSI and unsuccessed.
    Rumors are saying that government are planning to remove SSI and continue to keep SSDI in the system.

  16. To DeafKathy–

    Yeah you are right about the differences between SSI and SSDI. I should have explained clearly in my first message. Thanks…

  17. SSI is not the same as SDI okay here, SSI is kind of welfare who can not work at all and often get much smaller than SDI. SDI depend on how long a person work SDI allow a client to work limited in some way! US government stole many Native and Alaskan their lands, and have obligation to give the money to support them in return, That is what Bureau of Indian Affairs. In general for those people who depend on SSI are not self-relief and have that habit from schools which gave them with silver spoon for a long time. Some are very independence who believe they can do then they must be strong willed self relief! I am not saying SSI is bad no but help some people who can not work for many reasons! Other than just drugs no excuses in my opinion!

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  24. you should have stated that you were deaf!!!

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