Respond to the Orange Country Deaf Advocate Center (Richard)

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~ by Tar2006 on October 18, 2007.

19 Responses to “Respond to the Orange Country Deaf Advocate Center (Richard)”

  1. Mea cupla? No way! Take a hard look at the scope into the future. Where will ASL fit in?


  2. Cinematically. the dartboard above your head tells the viewers a lot.

  3. your video is too dark and difficult to see. pls redo.

  4. *Hands waving* Sorry– kinda dark here thou. Irony — Richard is watching you in ASL but he opposes ASL at the meantime? *scratch my head* Richard is a confusing guy.

  5. Tar,

    I commend you for speaking out. I need more
    bloggers and vloggers to speak out regarding
    Richard’s anti-ASL. Keep vlogging, Tar!

  6. cant see your hands, too waving, too lower on bottom line and dark

  7. I actually do know who RR is, since he’s in my area (hence the anonymous post). The guy is an idiot and an a-hole. I really would not waste time on him.

    The main problem, from my POV, is he tries to suck up all the deaf related services in OC. Everything online for OC goes back to him. But it’s funny, he will only go to his own little tiny deaf meetup — I never see him at the bigger ones with people from all over. Why? Well, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he doesnt’ dare show his face to a full crowd of real deaf people!

    My advice is to ignore this wanker.

  8. Tar, well, I still can see you clearly eventho the video itself is dark,… not a hint of problem for me, it is because that I am genetically Deaf of Deaf of Deaf square two (mathematical-wise, lol). Your ASL is clearly a fluent and it stands out just fine. And if it were agent Orange Richard in that same “dark room settings”, it would be tough for me to comphrend his signings. Good riddance about Richard in his vlog, his shirt is too white, vlog-wise and his tie is too metaphorically silly just exactly like a bookmark representing his texted white fingers, what a book he is!!! Thanks for your beautiful vlog!

  9. Thank you people .. I appreciate that. I’m sorry about dark because I was adjusted my webcam. I have to Re-do when I have some time. Sorry!

    *Snicker* at Diane, I agree with you.

  10. Nice vlog comments! Even though your vlog looks a tab bit darker, I know you’re already aware of that. That’s all right.
    Anyway, I disgress, RR doesn’t even have any concept to understand why ASL is the most important language for all Deaf community. There are a few “dialects/accents” ASL in various states which is very common and normal. I don’t see anything wrong with that because that applies to hearing people with dialects/accents. What does he expect?

    Communications between us via ASL is the most viable and uttermost important for us to understand. That also applies us to write English well. That’s how the minds work from ASL to English, vice versa.

    And also, unfortunately, I seriously doubt that RR would make another Vlog to make his apology. I suspect he is way too thickhead to see things through and clear. So that is his problem, not ours. And his loss as well.

    Misha 🙂

  11. i think something to do with his past experience with some deafies. he felt offended by them for some reasons. he is bitter and angry. He is not willing to forget about what happened to him. i dont know the whole story. i feel sorry for him tho.

  12. You got a clear, good point! I hope that Richard is flattered!

    Once ASL comes into my life, it’s the right key to open my DEAF world! 🙂

  13. Ricky Roehm is dumb and moron! He thinks he can tell us what to do. It is time for him to fuck himself! He is full of shit and he cant lead at all. His head is in toilet 99 percent of time! Screw him!

  14. What a nice looking young man! And such looong fingers. Wow, you must be good at singing in ASL. It feels so good to have some young blood posting occasionally!

    We keep Richard around for a pet. Lots of amusement there. Actually, I agree with him sometimes and have told him so.


  15. What a masterpiece! You’re every professor’s dream! Keep up with your thoughts and ideas in vlogging and blogging. Richard Roehm will NEVER have my vote.

  16. Good yes, all the way, Stand up him and hell with him!! Keep up your opinion in that vlog shows your gut! Good for you!!!

  17. Wow, I love your vlog. Good job. Keep it up. Just don’t count on RR ever apologizing because it’s not part of who he is and he has an insatiable appetite for negative attention.

    You should go view his latest video: and where it says “Banned” under his screen name, “Nesmuth”.

    He’s been banned from just about everywhere.

  18. Thank you for update me.. I am glad that Richard realized how much he has wrong. When I saw it, I just laugh so hard and Just like… Lantana said.. ” We keep Richard around for a pet. ” What should we call him a new name as our banned pet? LOL! Sorry, this is such bad joke lol

  19. Hey Everyone, since i heard a lot of awful stuffs about Richard.. RICHARD.. i hope you read this.. well i know that you are ANTI-ASL but too bad, Deaf World have to have ASL even you can’t take it out because you are retard *excuse me* wait a min, it sound like your name. Richard, it make a sense..anyway well ASL IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US AND EVEN DO YOU EVER WONDERING HOW DEAF CAN COMMUNIATE WITHOUT ASL OR ESL? NO Then Richard, you need a lot of help.. seem like you are behind of Deaf world… yeah i would feel bad for you but i think you are a puke, wrong, terrible.. against ASL.. oh please.. (laughing) anyway, RICHARD, you need to shut up and leave Deaf people alone and they have a right to use ASL or ESL.. THEY DON’T HAVE TO REQUIRED TO USE ESL.. ASL was setted up in about lonnng time agoo… like 200 year ago.. what a terrible guy to say against ASL…. really you have a sad life.. sorry for offensive. thanks! 🙂

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