Michigan Deaf School “Expose the Truth” part #2

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~ by Tar2006 on October 20, 2007.

6 Responses to “Michigan Deaf School “Expose the Truth” part #2”

  1. I am sorry about burry.. Forgive me please.

  2. Thanks for making these vlogs. I beg to differ with you about one certain person, but I guess that Ms. Holland dealt with you differently than she did to my kid which caused much disappointments. Others were fabulous. Few other people were great to my kid also. My kid always spoke highly of Ms. Hennon. Ms. Hennon was a great teacher. I am glad that in spite of some difficulties you had to deal with at M.S.D., you had the wonderful experience with some people who helped to shape your future and spark your interest for college.

  3. get a life… quit being whinning

  4. It is true that it is sad to see someone such as Ms. Hennon retired. There will never be a teacher who can replace Ms. Hennon. She was one special teacher for many MSD students who were under her. I have seen how she worked with her students and how I have seen Students gave their respects for this teacher. Bless her!

  5. […] wrote an interesting post today on Michigan Deaf School âExpose the Truthâ part #2Here’s a quick […]

  6. Asl Video…

    You’ re going to watch glimpses and interviews on Deaf education, ASL, oralism, cochlear implants, racism, the DPN movement, technologies, Gallaudet University, famous people and many more. You’ ll also view mini- movies made by Deaf film- makers….

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