Mocking: to Richard (Nesimth)

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~ by Tar2006 on October 20, 2007.

7 Responses to “Mocking: to Richard (Nesimth)”

  1. Oh, my God! I love, love, LOVE your vlog! I couldn’t stop smiling that my jaws hurt so damned much. I applaud you for doing this and you are a GREAT actor, whether you know it or not. Perfect outfit & accessories, too! Good job, Tar.

    I did wonder if RR has Bipolar and Paranoid Schizophrenia for a long time but I guess I’ll never know.

    (By the way, the correct spellings are “Nesmuth”, “Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center” and “OCDAC”. Just thought I’d point that out. Smile.)

  2. OMG!!!! I nearly spat out coffee while watching your funny vlog! You impersonated him to almost a T!!!!! The best ever I seen in a while!
    RR is somewhat weird and perhaps nut as well since I don’t know him at all.
    I don’t think he has bipolar nor schizophrenia. He’s just a plain ol’ wacko and nerd. From what I’ve heard he was from oral school but I really don’t know.
    That may be why he’s somewhat against ASL. He has no conception on the reason why ASL is the first and aforemost Deaf language because almost ALL Deaf use ASL!!!! It is virtually impossible for any sign language as your preference because the majority of Deaf wouldn’t understand you in any way and anyhow. He has no common sense, none of that.
    You go, Tar man! You did a great job to impersonate RR!

  3. You’re an idiot!!!!

  4. what a fucking idiot!!!!

  5. Thank you so much for performing as RR. You are so AWESOME actor to perform as Roehm! Wow, that’s the perfect example of Roehm! He needs to get his own head clear and he needs to get some help himself. Sad that Roehm do not know how to be professional advocate for Deaf community! I did sent 4 email to Roehm before the Deafread established, he never response to my email while my Deaf son had big problems from mainstream public schoool… So I gave up to allow and respect my Deaf son enroll in MSD as his own choice… I was so tired of oralist and mainstream Deaf mothers who did insulted me “Lousy Wife and Lousy Mother” for so many years. Hope to see and meet you someday in my life!!! With my big smile and hugs, Shawn

  6. U ARE SO FUNNNY!!!!! U should start your biz as a Deaf Comedian! You have a great sense of humor. Just ignore the person that u are not crazy about. Just focus on positive side! Smile! Cheers, Edward

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