Discuss about Sign Languages in the public

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~ by Tar2006 on October 23, 2007.

6 Responses to “Discuss about Sign Languages in the public”

  1. Good entry.

    Eric said the same thing a while ago. See one of his video clip at http://ericbabb.blogspot.com/2007/04/how-deaf-people-should-approach-hearing.html. He’s been away for a while. I wondered what happened to him.

    Keep vlogging, Tar.

  2. Correction: the correct link is


  3. You do make a good point. We all know John M. does all of twist way to humor the action. I am glad you pointed out two areas that we need to be careful with the concept in Deaf world.

  4. Good observations. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that noticed these things. In addition, he reserved a babysitter and then the pizza man arrived? It left me to think he was ordering pizza for his family and the sitter but he left??

  5. Interesting! I’m starting to see a trend in thinking among young Deaf people. Tar made a comment similar to Eric Babb, who himself took the information indirectly from a story posted by Carrie Gellibrand at RidorLIVE, who herself admitted that she took it (stole, more like it after her admission in the comment box) from a guy she knew (name unmentioned). I’d love to meet that person! I’m sure he would have a lot to say about that if he ever blogs/vlogs!

    Fascinating! If we see that kind of real connection happening, then maybe it’s just really a form of “community consciousness” shared by individuals who sign and experience daily interactions with us Hearing people? Do you think it is starting to become widespread now? I think it’s a good approach.

    (I do sign, by the way. I understand you completely and yes, I read Deafread).



  6. Good stuff, very nicely done.
    The Author, you simply – super hero!

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