Michigan Deaf School (Truth) part #3



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~ by Tar2006 on October 24, 2007.

4 Responses to “Michigan Deaf School (Truth) part #3”

  1. Tar,

    WOW. u made a good point how u had help ur school to improve for the students. Maybe they misunderstood what u had in your past and carry it current. you do good job clarify the truth so they can get a real facts what u had go through and motive the school history.

    Smile 🙂

  2. You spoke well and from your mind. You just stay on a course whether other people at MSD or Michigan Deaf at school. They still have a long way to learn many things!!! Don’t worry about them. Be yourself you speak very well!!1

  3. I am not surprised. I am sure you are trying to tell what’s going on at MSD and was hoping that they will learn something from this blog and realized what they need is change systems. I don’t really know what’s going on there since few staffs has left the job and weren’t happy. Maybe if Priniciple, Supt, and PTA will listen and discussing from there to figure out what they can do about this. But, the problem is Faculty and Staffs aren’t get along. why? because of opinions or afraid get fired if tells. I would encourage them open mind like make a volunteer around the students during the evening. Example:like ” Big Brother and Sister during the afternoon. or How about Fund Raise for dorm students go out every 2 weeks, something like that. People will look at MSD how improving and will wanting their child go to MSD instead? …………. Peace!

  4. Let the winds of the deaf wars blow your fire to the right places.

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