Find 5 Languages




~ by Tar2006 on November 12, 2007.

8 Responses to “Find 5 Languages”

  1. That was a very unique post, Tar. You’re so creative. Good job!

    ~ LaRonda

  2. Did you know those fours of five languages are not language but type of communication method! One real language is ASL! You play with that! Gotta to learn more! Very funny!!!

  3. Far-out Point finish! Check! Tar, you hit it right on…ASL was the clearest and truly eloquent communication understandble here. Thanks so much for a post that should be shown in ASL and teacher education classes everywhere.

  4. Which identity language are SIMCOM, TC, SEE, Cue, and ASL because of their gestural hands in America? What is the reason these cause people to have their mind confused and mixed- up.

    These give you an explanation of ethnic and language in general

    American hearing people are familiar with English language.
    African people are familiar with Niger-Congo languages.
    Hispanic people are familiar with Spanish language.
    Asian people are familiar with Asian languages.
    Deaf people are familiar with ASL.

    We in the deaf community converse in ASL, and I communicate with hearing by correspondence in English. Additionally, not all of deaf can fluently speak with voice. This is called bilingual ASL/ English.

  5. You did a good job!!! Bravo

  6. Whoa grinning*

    T~ you’re on a roll with your creative vlogging. keep the fun in vlogging as long as communication is happening!

    Thumbs up*

  7. HI Tar, what a creative you are… I believe you will be excellent with the creation along with ASl and vlog effects It is an awesome unique job. keep this up,Tar.:) KH

  8. You are very ignorant person. Thank for giving me and my friends a good laugh…. At you…

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