is ASL Fading away or Not?




~ by Tar2006 on November 13, 2007.

44 Responses to “is ASL Fading away or Not?”

  1. I love you very much!

  2. Yes! Yes! ASL will never be fading away!! Cool effect!


  3. Both you and Carl will love my next video on ASL fading then. Hahahahahahah!

  4. Looks like war is brewing…

  5. Hoooorrrrayyy!!

    Your topic is good example!

    I was wrote to Richard’s blog about these and I think he is confusing on deaf community in anyplace. I was kind of mad at him and not seem right Richard have no right to confusing on Need to accepted what the world need to accept deaf or hard of hearing or DeafBlind

    Really ASL is very popular more than other kind of S.E.E. and PSE. and other unspecifically sign langage as home sign as such. Looking at Helen Keller has been suffer and finally learn to doing better for her attention in the world. Everyone know who is Helen Keller. It is been already passed 100 years.

    Richard, Need to stop confusing on what you against ASL or deaf person don’t spoke…

    Richard, Why you still against ASL and you are only oralism. you dont feel belongs to deaf world. move your own and dont hang out with deaf.. just only oralism.

    Quit the attuide!

  6. TAR,

    LMAO.. you are so hilarious! You made my morning!!! HA HA HA

    Way to go, dude!


  7. Amen!

    ASL never goes away! =)

  8. Tar,
    Yeah! I agree with you and this best vlog! Richard Roehm need to stop talking about asl fading away. All the world keep stay sign languages never stop… forever! THANKS!

    Jean M.

  9. Thank you so much everyone! I appreciate lot of positive feedback about my video.. I am planning to do more effect video later on..

    – LOL at CARL!

    – Indeed! Deaf Pixie, we’re on same page.

    – Seekgeo, I am glad to made ur day! =)

    – I want to let Richard to know that I CAME HERE TO DEFEND ASL! People are disgust with you and have had of it. My video are suppose to make you realize or you want to create more ridiculous heat with us? It is up to you…

    – Thank people for respond! =-)

  10. I like effects on vlog you made and it was really cool. Yes, you are right that ASL will NEVER fade away because I see people at stores trying to sign with me as they were learning. I was at the country crafts fair with my daughter last Saturday and we stopped at one booth that had musical lessons. We talked about her taking class (her dream was to learn how to play harp) then there was lady trying to talk to me in signing as she was very happy ( big smile as if she was excited to meet deaf person) and she said that she learned signs little and still wanted to learn more. She asked me if I know any place that provides classes and asked me again to give her my phone number and name so she could contact me. So she is still interested in learning signs!!! Richard needs to stop doing like this (he just needed attentions from everyone!) and quit playing fun of us. He is not COOL!!! and he’s just an alien!!
    I would love to see your vlogs with cool effects again once in awhile for change!

  11. Wow, you’re simply the best! You and Carl have said those better than others!

    ASL never fade away at all. It just simply changes in over time as usual. ASL still always rise and live just like a phoenix.


  12. AWWWWWW !!! I LOVE YOU!!! FIST KISS on this vlog!!!! You made me BIG SMILE!!!! ASL FOREVER HUGS, Shawn

  13. K~U~D~O~S~!

  14. Tar,

    Keep it up!

    ASL is ALIVE

    Richard Roehm is another one of those very confused misguided deaf people. Those misguided deaf people did not have a cognitive language at the very beginning of their lives. It is really sad and I really feel sorry for them.

    This is why ASL is so important for deaf babies to start learning at the age of 6 months.


  15. After I left my comment on your vlog, I left for shower and something popped up in my mind. Now here I am again, Richard is signer (can sign) and does vlog in signs. I do not understand why he is against ASL, or upset/complain about ASL and why he is doing vlog/reading deaf read therefore he loves ASL! IS HE PLAYING WITH US???? or DOES HE NEED OUR ATTENTIONS????


  16. WoW! How I love your vlog! That is unprecedented! You are THE first vlogger to use the thoroughly modern imagination and creativity. I am
    so impressed! ASL will never, ever, fade away. Thank you once again
    for your most fascinating vlog! I love to see more like that in the future.

  17. P.S. Do not ever let Richard Roehm dampen your enthusiasm.

  18. ASL never fading away ……… L@@K at C@@L 3800 Deaf people all over the world on Freedom Deaf Cruise Boat from Oct 28 – Nov 3. Bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!! C@@L ASL LIVE never die .


  19. Tar,
    I agree with you ,seekgeo, asl Risen, and Carl. Richard Roehm need to learn to stop mess wit people. Leave you folks alone with beaiuful asl or something else ideas.

  20. I forget to add yes asl never fading.

  21. Your vlog with special effects rocks! It is so cool and feasible to my eyes. Loved it! Keep it up with making positive comments about this stupid claim that ASL is fading away!

    ASL had been, has been and always will be here!

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  23. Wow! Great vlog! Good job! ASL is ALIVE and always! Keep it up.

    Richard Roehm,
    GET LOST!!!

  24. Hey Tar Keep postive for ASL forever and Richard belong to Hearing ppl and He seem dont undy what is ASL? ASL MAY NEVER FADE AWAY!!!

  25. I love you so very much!!!!!!!! ASL is still alive!!!

  26. *chuckles* Bravo!! Your vlog’s special effects rocks! *thumbs up*

    ASL Forever! 🙂

  27. “A picture speaks thousand words!” Such an awesome vlog and thanks for the subtitles! It seems wholistic and thoughtful of you to provide access for all…

    Forever in ASL, we graciously wave
    And for the brave; it’s the signs of the time!
    Nothing more than learning at the cost of a dime.
    Thy language of the eyes and hands; at its best, an art
    From the heart!

    from a proud ASL user!

  28. I loved your video!!
    And thanks for having subtitles, I’m learning A.S.L.
    I was very happy when I realized I could actually understand some of the things you were saying =)

  29. GOOD ONE…. Thank you for share this. ASL FOREVER

  30. Great video! I’m an ASL student, and I’m in a class of at least 40 people at my school. I may only be learning, but the amount of high school students who took interest in ASL shows that the language is NOT fading…if anything it is growing.

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  32. Richard is the one fawk up in the head, ASL always forever and ever!

  33. opps by the way your vlog effects are awesome!

  34. That was AWESOME vlog! You did a fabulous job at effects in the vlog! ASL lives on forever! I just love it! That miserable loser (R) does not know what he’s talking about. IGNORE him! ASL rocks!

  35. Tar,

    Wait a min!!!!!! is that the Seahawks jersey you are wearing??? I’ll try to remember that!

    Very good Vlog! Good job with the subtitling too, I try to do it on mine sometimes.

  36. You rock! Your’e beautiful.

    Richard is truly is a *&&^^%%$$#@)^&**^%$%$#!

    He just is trying to make our life miserable.

    I have NEVER agreed anything with his views at all. What a bum.

    I love your subtitles — what you did was the magic. Keep it up and I love what you were doing with your magic on these subtitles. 🙂

  37. I agree ASL isn’t fading away anywhere because just about everywhere, anytime and anybody DOES ask about it. Such as asking me how to say how do I say ‘Thank you’, Your welcome’ , ‘Welcome to Walmart’ so forth. He is a Walmrt greeter and he sees so many deaf, hard of hearing people come shop there and LOVES to watch them talk to each other smile. He is enrolling for school classes this winter. He is about 63. asked if its too late to learn sign lang. and I said No! He is talking to his boss about getting everyone to join in to start learning basic sign lang. so meaning from what I see more people are wanting to learn how to commuicate with us! Which is an AWSOME feeling!

  38. ASL= Amen Sign Language! =D

  39. Wow! Awesome vlog! I love it. It is amazing…keep up with your good job. Indeed, ASL will never fade away for as long as there are million of deaf people worldwide!


  41. keep asl alive !!!! asl forever !!!! get lost to richard roehm

  42. Hey Tar,
    sounds great,Thumbs up and ILY ……must keep asl.
    Bobby L.

  43. HI Tar, Do not worry about what Richard thinks… If Richard thinks he knows something… Really He knows nothing how beautiful and colorful and awesome ASL is all about. That is his totally LOSSSS . 🙂 KH

  44. I saw you in the deafnewspaper under Ken Davis is founder/CEO. why dont you tell your stories in the instead you make your own Vlog. Remember Daisy is deaf reporter asked deaf world…is ASL fading away? She explained why deaf club are closed??? Because too many ASL deaf people are backstabbed, talking NEGATIVE NEGATIVE AGAINST DEAF PEOPLE. They never grow up. They bullied bullied against deaf people. Is it terrible??? Now Wiscousin School for the deaf will be closed in the future?? because they BLAME AGBell is controlling deaf with CI. Also Deaf club are closed. Why?????? Explain to us???? I don’t think you will answer?

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