Love thy enemy!




~ by Tar2006 on November 14, 2007.

17 Responses to “Love thy enemy!”

  1. I love you! I love the way you were doing your magic on subtitling!

    Yeah….What about our King, George Verditz, the NAD president who fought for our rights to preserve the ASL against AG Bell? and also, George Foster? Have you forgotten to mention these two famous men?


    White Ghost

  2. Great V/blog ~~ For myself, I am pissed off when I was in Speech lab too much and realize that my english grammar is being little behind or delaying ..I know that ASL is wonderful language and can pick more words faster than oral.. I feel much discouraged myself. but I know it is not too late and learn better asl πŸ™‚

  3. You have to hear what Mike McConnell say, β€œYes, I believe ASL will die out someday.”

    The Day When ASL Dies

  4. I mean, his blog “The Day When ASL Dies”

  5. Hi No, I do not think so as u ,Mike,mentioned that ASL will die out as long as the existence of the deaf people on Earth. ASL will aways be there till The Earth blow out.. who Knows…Tar, I love your vlog effects.. wow!!! brilliant ideas…smiling.keep this up,Tar… KH

  6. I know ASL will always forever. Mike advances reasons for a new eugenics.

  7. Tar–Thanks so much for subtitling. I am late-deafened and learning ASL. You are very talented with computer-video effects. GREAT STUFF!! I was going to mention many Deaf are bilingual. What do you think of Robert Davila? We need to promote respect for all. Bilingual or not.

    Because I became deaf late in life and my first language was English, I know only one language. I am not bilingual. Unfortunately I do not know the language of the Deaf. I am trying to learn ASL, but fear I will never be accepted. It is the same with the Deaf who do not feel accepted by hearing people, only I am not fully accepted in either place. You see?

  8. wow! your vlog is getting more powerful! We need more powerful leaders who stand for ASL.

  9. Agreed…the problem with these “leaders,” is that they’re delusional with their beliefs that they are “experts” at ASL without really understanding the insides and outsides of deaf life in the deaf community and being sensitive to the deaf issues. It irks me to see people like them trying to be experts at this. They are the kind who do not want deaf people with fluent ASL skills to be successful. They will do anything to keep them down.

  10. Your msg is simple clear and well information on that issue! Well you might need to have an enemy in order to become competitive just like cold war US and USSR, and what happened to USA go ahead of technology so the enemy is good for you!

  11. Saw all of your Vlogs, many things you said about ASL, I agree. ASL will not exit? Nope, evolves yes but still Deaf’s language (ASL). Now, are you pure ASL user? Maybe 90 percent? Do me a favor, try spelling A to Z, probably you got all spelling correct with your hand except an “E”. I see you that you misspel E. fingers suppose to touch on thumb but you didn’t. 99 percent hearing people spell E without touch thumb. and half Deaf people (asl users do not touch thumb, those people who do touch thumb are mostly Elderly maybe 70 years old and older and many strong Deaf family. So I hate see people spell E without touch thumb that look like C to me. Many people get habit of not touch thumb, so that mean they dont care about ASL. ASL will gone? Think about it. Spelling is part of ASL. Thanks. Keep ASL alive.

  12. i heard agbell was fluent in asl? he was a pro-oralist. hmmmm

  13. Yeah, White ghost, I was thinking about our recently enemies and great idea.. Maybe I should make another vlog for this in someday but thank you.

    Kim cook, it is allright as long you know it is never toolate.

    Yeah, you can tell Mike McConnell to see my vlog: precious ASL.. So, let’s see if he wants to argue with me? LOL

    Kim, you’re welcome! As long, we know that ASL/English are equal language right? πŸ™‚

    Aww thank you! Deb Ann, you’re my awesome supporter and everyone too..

    Bamaboy, thank you and I dont consider myself as 100% fluent ASL of course not but I only can sign very clear! πŸ™‚ I think that I just got arthritis since I seem dont spell “E” proper right? Hee hee lol

    h…, AGbell isn’t fluent in ASL, if he is then oralist won’t be happen.

    Thank everyone for respond! I appreciate that! πŸ™‚

  14. Tar–absolutely! English and ASL are equal languages. I don’t know where people get these crazy ideas that one language is better than another.

  15. I *kiss fist* your vlog! And I’m glad comment for George Verditz!! More positive to mention heroes. Also, you are very fair (and very creative) to put up caption! Great job!

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