Precious ASL!




~ by Tar2006 on November 15, 2007.

16 Responses to “Precious ASL!”

  1. I dig what you shared.

    Good one. Thank you. (This is core information that I will refer to people worrying about their langauge fading away).

    Top stuff. Champ! 🙂


  3. Thumb up! ….. way a go! God have a reason make us Deaf people and we the Deaf people use communicate with ASL as simple as that!


  4. thunb up that s good vlog

  5. Bravo! Your message is powerful!

  6. Hats off to you! As long as we need to keep our Deaf community together like a DEAF club, etc.. we all need that!

    Thumbs up, TAR! =)

  7. Tar

    Your work is impressive. Wondering if you can share what captioning software you use — your captions are quite clear.


  8. Tar– Thanks again for captioning!! It is OK then if I keep trying to learn ASL, even if I’m not so good? Because I love ASL, but it takes a long time to learn if it’s not your first language. Deaf people do not realize how smart they are that they understand ASL. It is not easy to learn if you grew up speaking English. Most languages take between five to seven years to become fluent. ASL takes about seven years. It is ONE difficult language to learn. Because it is so hard to learn, this proves it is a REAL langauge! 🙂

  9. Tar! *waves her hands*

    You made your point across everywhere. You hit right on the nail about the various languages and about deaf being in oral school, mainstream, etc. and cochlear implants.

    I went to oral school that forbid ASL and any form of sign language, hell, even homemade signs. At my oral school, we persisted using mostly homemade signs and some ASL. Most of us learned and mastered ASL from teens to now. I could sign both ASL and PSE (SEE) but I’d prefer using ASL mostly.

    Every deaf, cochlear implanted, hard of hearing, latening deaf should learn ASL to keep in the deaf community.


    Keep up with great work, Tar!

    Misha 😀

  10. BRAVO!!!!! HIGH WAVES HANDS!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!

  11. I’m impressed with your vlog. That’s how you got me in here. 😉

    And I’m EXTREMELY busy!

    Nice job!

    Now, answer some of the questions – subtitle software! 😀

    I’d like to know that one as well! 🙂

  12. Hello everyone!
    Thank you everyone. Indeed, I glad to know that all of you are still support this causes. 🙂

    Hello Jay and IamMine, I use “Window Movie Maker” program to make effect, edit-cut, subtitles, etc.. It is not such bigger program but I only made it look so good. 🙂

    Misha, Deb Ann, SusanA, Davy, Kim, and everyone! I am glad that you guys agreed on this point! *Wink*

  13. Excellent visual effects, but I find that it is TOO MUCH visual noise. It only made you look over-aggressive so please tone down a bit. It is as bad as scratching the blackboard (to hearing people) !

  14. bravo! short vlog, powerful message! thumbs up as always! 🙂

  15. Your vlog post was very well done. I think the visual effects were very useful in emphasizing your points, very strategic.

    I can relate to your interpreter-friend’s feeling about using ASL all the time, even when conversing with hearing people. This past summer I went to an ASL immersion camp for a week where only ASL could be used. The night before everyone went back home we went to a bar in town and we were allowed to speak. I didn’t want to! One camper said to give it a rest, that we could relax. But ASL isn’t work for me; it is something as natural as a heart beating.

    *thumbs up*

  16. Lots of deaf students go to the mainstream because hearing parents make a choice to put deaf child/children to go to the mainstream school for few years. WHY ASL deaf school are blamed BLAMED BLAMED BLAMED and NEGATIVE AGAINST MAINSTREAM SCHOOL. THATS MAKE DEAF SCHOOL ARE CLOSED, DEAF CLUB ARE CLOSED, BLAH BLAH. Its not AGBell are not responsible for deaf community are FADE AWAY HUH?????? I asked hearing parents lots of questions why they refuse to put deaf child to the deaf school. They said they are paraoid DEAF SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF will molest deaf children. I said oh really. Also Hearing Parents said DEAF SCHOOL are NOT provided AVG to teach deaf children to speak few words, lipread, whatever they name. Mainstream school are increased next many years. DEAF School for the deaf are BLAME BLAME BLAME AGAINST hearing parents who put lots of deaf children in the mainstream school because mainstream school are provide deaf program for speaking, AVG, ASL too, etc. Can you explain to the DEAF SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF in USA? Are they blame against hearing parents to put deaf children to the mainstream school instead deaf school for the deaf. Come on come on explain to us and deaf school for the deaf.

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