ASL Poem: The Beginning of Language




~ by Tar2006 on November 16, 2007.

8 Responses to “ASL Poem: The Beginning of Language”

  1. OMG, Tar!

    You’ve nailed right on the head!!!! YES, cavemen/women did use the hand gestures because they didn’t learn how to speak but used gutteral voices.
    So that is absolutely correct the hand signs were the first language invented long before the speech ever started.

    So obviously, ASL STILL IS AROUND!

    Misha 😀

  2. Tar,
    BRAVO! I agree with you that first sign languages on the earth. I love your drama so clearly and understand. HIGH WAVES Hands !!!!!!!!

  3. Tar,

    How true it is, that visual language was the first language before spoken language.

    With your subtitles, I bet that the ASL hearing students are getting a kick out of your Vlog as I did.

    ASL is still ALIVE… way before people invented the spoken language!


  4. Hi keep this up with your creativity . It is still beautiful,clolorful and awesome lanuage as always..take care 🙂 KH

  5. Very good ASL poem!!! The origin of all language is thru gesture, even babies!!! Good job!

  6. There is STRONG, SCIENTIFIC evidence to back up what should be ONVIOUS. That SIGN predated SPEECH and so we are ALL descendend from SIGNERS!!!

    I refer you to William Stokoe’s, the original Sign iiinguist’s, book, “Language In Hand (2000),” written on his DEATH BED and published POSTHUMOUSLY. It lays a CLEAR, SCIENTIFIC argument that the fitst language of hominids MUST have been SIGN.

    Here’s some HARD EVIDENCE:

    • Washoe (RIP last week) and other apes able to use Sign not in complete language, but as Nouns an Verbs as an incomplete BRIDGE towards language.

    • The Parts of the Brain responsible for Fine Coordination of the Hand are located immediately NEXT to the parts of the Brain responsible for Fine Coordination of the Tongue.

    • True vocal language was only PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE after THE DESCENT OF THE LARYNX, which only happened late in Homo sapien sapiens, as late as 50,000 years ago, while archeological evidence of FULL Human culture goes millennia back..

  7. Very nice use of ASL!
    Do part two, please!

  8. nice but for some reason i cant read it!!!!!!

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