Comedy: Richard Roehm’s interview




~ by Tar2006 on November 18, 2007.

10 Responses to “Comedy: Richard Roehm’s interview”

  1. Richard is going through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Perhaps we need to try and “understand” where he is coming from? “If you can’t lick ’em, join ’em” !

  2. Good roast!

    ~ LaRonda

  3. Ha ha ha. Daaaamn, you are bad. Funny, though. When will you interview RidorLive? Gary Brooks Show? I am a fan of them and many other excellent & outrageous Deaf v/bloggers.

  4. Good roast, TAR!

  5. Wow FABULOUS job on interviewing TAR the pink judge! I was laughing so hard yesterday before I zoomed work… That really help my mood so much!!! Good creative job!!! How that works for interview from Tar and yours???? That’s so cool. Finish TAR and you, made me laugh so hard…

  6. Haha, Thank you everyone! =-D

    I have a great announcement! My friend TJ = Ted Owens and I are planning to make more comedy interview with the most known vlogger included Gary Brooks, RidorLive, Barb Digi, ASLisRisen, Amy Efron, many mores…. Of course, we will email each of them and ask them for permission first. We will also credit their name in our end.

    AslisRisen, we made 5 questions before making the video. We agreed to do this way and we also made edit to make it look like we’re talking to each others. I am glad that we helped your moods! 🙂

  7. So you already asked Mr. Roehms for his permission? 🙂

  8. Of course not! He doesn’t deserve a permission. =-)

  9. Hahahaha! This is great. Roehm does not deserve a permission! Good one!



  10. Hello Everyone, thank you for leaving a comment on this video.. Me-TJ and Tar really enjoy to acting for everyone to gain their mood!! so we will make more video to mocking the known vloggers.. well as Ridorlive, many vloggers to mocking at but we must ask their permission also credit their name on the end of the video.. to thank them to let us to use their name.. so if you know more vloggers that we don’t know.. please send the email to Tar.. you could find his email in contact us.. so thank you very muchhhh!!!

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