Ask Dr. Deaf Tar “Do-Do with Deaf children?”


~ by Tar2006 on November 20, 2007.

8 Responses to “Ask Dr. Deaf Tar “Do-Do with Deaf children?””

  1. Wonderful, Tar! Hope most of hearing parents watch your vlog and it will give them something to think…think twice before making a decision. Now there are about 90 percent of babies being implanted. I talked with one young Deaf guy who just had his CI removed after graduated High School and he said that it was not easy to be alone among a lot of Deafies with CI, so he had CI at 13…and then he didn’t realize that he’s not happy with that until graduated and he decided to remove it. I know the two other Deafies with CI, they are very happy with that. I am not againist CI or support CI. It’s a hard issue for me because some are negative and some are positive with CI. If I have a Deaf baby, I would rather wait but when he or she grows up and feels alone while all other Deafies with CI. What do you think?

  2. I do agree with your vlog, but one thing that I kind of not agree with is that you said that the person can go to a deaf/or mainstream school, but one thing is that the person HAS to learn sign language. Some families do not support sign language so that may be difficult for the child to learn sign language. However, that’s why so many deaf people go to college and eventually learn sign language there. So I think that if the child do not want to learn sign language, that is okay and let the child eventually become comfortable with the idea of learning how to sign. That’s what happened to my roommate. She, at first, was unsure about learning sign language because of her family. Her family only knew the alphabet. So that was good enough for her. Throughout elementary, middle and high school, she did have an interpreter only to receive sign language, not to sign back. Then when she went to college, she was surrounded by so many deaf people, which made her learn sign language. Today, she does not sign fluently, but she does have enough knowledge to be able to hold a conversation with a deaf person. I think that is good enough for someone who is extremely oral and comes from a strong hearing background. I, myself, am 50% oral/50% sign language, but I have to admit that my signing have decreased because I am speaking a bit more than signing. But, yeah, that’s my .2 cents. Other than that, I think that your vlog is great by telling parents to let the child choose for himself/herself, but the child should not have to learn sign language if she/he doesn’t want to..

  3. Hello Deb Ann,
    It is all right for you to let your children to decide for their CI or not but in my mind, I think this is very important that your children need to use sign languages. I like your wise.. 🙂

    Thank you for share your opinion with us, I am trying my best to remain neutral in this point. You don’t like my idea that children shouldn’t be require to learn sign language UNLESS it is their choice. Let’s say this.. Why don’t hearing people need to learn how to talk English in this America?
    See my point? Deaf people in America has their needs = ASL.
    Hearing people in America has their needs = spoken English…

    Believe me, it is not up to the family that doesn’t support sign language. This Deaf children have a rights to learn sign language EVEN their family doesn’t support it. Later on, they will be used to it. No offenses, oral people who still practice to be oral are oppression by hearing people because it is not your choice. It is your either family or parent’s choice which is sad. I apologize for being blunt my answer but the truth is facts.

    As you decreased your sign languages is because you are close to your family and doesn’t use to sign language. This is your background of experience and I wish your family could of allow you to meet your own needs. Remember, it is not too late. =-)

  4. Okay, I understand that but not all hearing people, even deaf people, can speak English. Some speak Spanish, French, or Chinese. So yes, I know that America’s primary language is English, but some people do struggle to learn how to speak/or sign English. It is not their fault.

    And for those oral people who continue to be oral, it is their decision to do that, so maybe they feel like they are not oppressed. Some deaf people do feel oppressed because they have encountered those experiences, but those oral people may not have encountered those experiences yet.

    It is probably better off for the deaf person to learn sign language when the person’s comfortable. If you force someone to learn a new language, it can be frustrating at first. Most people who learn a new language are usually the ones who are willing to learn because they know that they can expand their communciation skills. Those who don’t want to learn are those who value their own culture.

    I understand that you want to be neutral in this but in a way, you’re being biased. =\ If you were an oral person who is learning sign language late and is speaking about his childhood, that’d be a better candidate for being neutral.

    If the child is young and you teach sign language, then let the child absorb it and see if the child do like it or not. If the child seem to resist it, you can continue trying but if the child resist it many times; apparently, it is not their time. Unfortunately, the child’s language aspect of the brain stops at age 5. That’s why it is difficult for people to learn languages after age 5. So, it is up to the person and his/her motivation to learn.

    You were lucky because you had a mother who knew sign language. She was able to teach you sign language. You grew up in a deaf institute (I’m assuming) and you learned more sign through that experience. That’s why you have this mindset of believing that sign language is extremely important. To some people, sign language isn’t eh, I am not really the right person to discuss this since I know a good amount of sign language. If an oral person gets involved in this, then that person probably has better words to say.

  5. I can understand your points. I tried not being biased but how can you being unbiased if you knew that Oral and another ridiculous communication method is error? As matter, when people said their positive point of view on that ridiculous communication method is because they are practiced from that and used to it. I totally can understand it is very difficult to break that habit but why would they defend themselves from their error habits? This is big challenge world for us to face it.

    It is inconvenient to accept the truth that ASL is the true language for Deaf people. As if Oral people want to defend themselves from my subject. They will not able to define their own languages because we, human already know this is came from hearing people and they installed us to sweep Deaf’s language. Again, we together need to face the challenge and accept the truth that ASL is official recognized language in U.S.A equal with English.

    The child that we will teach them through sign language and they will not have that much problem in the education system because they are able to understand by VISIUAL..

    I was raised under total communication system and it is very difficult to learn because this teacher has to use more than 1 language to communication us and it causes bunch of lag like hell. If we use only ASL to communication and practice us from that and it won’t have that much problem and you can trust me on this point.

  6. DUde Tar, you grew up in coda family’s with hard core asl blah ..the point’s is how to make or what best for birth child who’s become deaf or hard of hearing. Mom or dad don’t know what or how to handle the situation because they don’t know what’s to do with child.. Tar. mother’s or the father’s know what to do. what best for there knowledge for child. There alway’s deaf community’s. Tar you don’t have an college degree , pipe your ego down dude.. matter of fact i seen all your blog. That’s kind of attitude suck’s .. it’s the fact ..don’t get me your are smart kid.

  7. Do you know that when deaf baby is born deaf? Okay let me explain to you how can deaf baby prevent to hearing parents dont put CI on deaf baby. How can deaf babies prevent to hearing parents DONT PUT CI ON DEAF BABIES BRAIN???? How can deaf baby commicate with hearing parents???? Thats good questions??? huh…please explain to me.

  8. What a pity! your vlog really sucks and make us vomit…

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