Comedy: Gary Brooks’ Interview




~ by Tar2006 on November 27, 2007.

14 Responses to “Comedy: Gary Brooks’ Interview”

  1. that is funny! Iam sure Gary know it is just a show. I dont know if he watch your vlog. Thanks for a show.

  2. you guys .. you are …. geniuses!!! hilarious!!!

  3. Very entertaining!

  4. Definitely Hawt, and enjoy the video clip.

  5. Gary, this vlog is hilarious and well-rehearsed, and well acted, with sensual overtones. I think that means you’re a star! If someone imitates you on the Jay Leno show, that means you got their attention, you know? You got these guys’ attention. If I see more of you, and others imitating you, it is real entertainment. I really enjoy your vlogs and theirs. That is great carry-over from the Gary Brooks show. It might as well as be the Gary Brooks Show mania. I am impressed by this. I almost didn’t know whether I was gay or straight after watching this vlog. I actually felt like borrowing this guy’s lollipop and sucking on it. Excuse me, I prefer the orange lollipop. Excuse me, what you think of my hair dye? Hot, huh. I am currently on prozac, excuse me. I have tried it before and find that it works. My psychologist, excuse me, has told me to watch both vlogs, Tar2006 and the Gary Brooks Show. It will make me feel full satisfaction! (blowing my long dyed hair away from my eyes)….

  6. Yes, Jay Leno Show….hmmmmm…Tar’s show…something like that.
    Well-done, Tar!

  7. Lame.

  8. bravo!!!

  9. dsadsadsa

  10. Someone must have admired Gary, they dream about Gary and all they think of Gary. Thats good news for Gary now that hes FAMOUS! Good job Tar and your friend.

  11. FAR OUT entertaining!

  12. I feel so compelled to make yet another comment after replaying this video like 10 times already, you guys deserve a “10” for such a flawless performance. You hit on all the spots! Do more of these, ok? I am begging you..

  13. Both of you are excellent job! Keep it up…make more comedy vlogs about Deaf vloggers!

  14. Helloo everyone, thank you for leave a comment on this video.. me (TJ) and Tar really enjoy to acting for everyone soo.. we are ran out of the people who we can mocking at.. if you want to know more information, go to my website.. hope you enjoy the part of our show TJ/TAR INC!!

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