Welcome to 2008!



~ by Tar2006 on December 30, 2007.

5 Responses to “Welcome to 2008!”

  1. oh really,, I will not surpise when you find out what going on there.. then you will be BIG SORRY to make bad JUDGE about at first place.

  2. Hey Tar,
    I bet that you will be fine in there so I think that maybe,you will meet JoeyBaer, Ella,or Brab,or Amy. Am I right?
    Happy New Year 2008!
    Thanks for sharing
    Bobby L.

  3. hy iam arun kumar
    wish you very very happy new year 2008
    welcome o 2008 for all of you
    from arun kumar

  4. COOL… i look forward to seeing ur next vlog about ur visit at MSD… that would be neato!!! have a happy new year and late merry christmas!!!

  5. Hello TAR, I enjoyed watching your vlog and Im just wondering about your other vlog about lack of discipline at MSD? Im curious to hear about that one. Im hoping u wont mind to put up that vlog? I am anxious to hear about your trip to MSD and tell me whats up with them.

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