My most Embarrassed moment..




~ by Tar2006 on January 19, 2008.

10 Responses to “My most Embarrassed moment..”

  1. I watched LaRhonda’s, Deaf Butterfly, and your embarrassing moments. I am not sure if I’d go ahead to share my embarrassing moments on my vlog…maybe I will do it on Wednesday (if I can).

    Thanks so much for sharing and I enjoyed it. My daughter was embarassed when I found out she stole money. She was trying to please us by taking us out to eat.

  2. Wow, It is funny about swimming pool. I dont know if I would share of my most embarrssed monent was worse than your.

    Wow! you little boy to ehieft story. I think 4 or 5 yr old innocent and mischevious fitting and learn lesson to not stealing someone’s else.

  3. OH–Those are cute stories. I laughed so hard. You must have been an adorable little boy. hahaha!

  4. Check out my vlog

  5. My mistake.. I mean please check out check my vlog

  6. Brave you for sharing that second story!

    Yep, trust is hard won, yet, hopefully, we all learn from our mistakes, especially those that were the most embarrassing.

    Thanks for sharing.

    ~ LaRonda

  7. Thanks for sharing
    One of my frineds that I met on have encountered the same situation. Bad feeling…

  8. Cool…. Can you tell me how to do subtitle?? I want to use subtitle….. Easy or Hard?? I hope you able to VLOG about how to use subtitle. Because I would understand easy if you vlog. Don’t mind? No force, SMILE Rog

  9. Oh you SO CUTE that you wanted to show YOUR BIG LOVE for your mom for Christmas gift! Big hugs, Shawn

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