My thought of Martin Luther King Jr’s Day..




~ by Tar2006 on January 22, 2008.

14 Responses to “My thought of Martin Luther King Jr’s Day..”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us all! Computers and internet service fees are more costly prices! Good and beautiful vlog! Is it true that MLK a Republican?

  2. I love it. very clear meaning and full understand.
    Thank you

  3. That is true about MLK have open lot of doors for many people. It’s good to honor him. 🙂

  4. Very BEAUTIFUL, Tar!

    I think black people are so beautiful. I admire their arts, clothes, and history.

  5. Impressive!
    I’m Canadian and never heard about MLK history.. I’ve learned about him few days ago.. I wish MLK could pay visit in CAnada and would be benefits expose everyone and open mind, but too late he hasn’t been there yet.. He’s gone..
    Will be always remember him!

  6. MLK was amazing. His speech was shaking us. You are right that I will never forget him. He was shot when I was in Idaho School for the Deaf. I remember the feeling back there. We were shocked and sad. I didn’t see black people much in Idaho. I remember when I went home every weekend by the train. There was a black man, who was working to collect the tickets, always bought me the coke and a candy bar every time I got on the train. Every time I think of him, and he reminds me of MLK. My daughter’s boy friend is black. He is a nice fellow like MLK. I love all kinds of races. MLK taught us to love and respect all the races. Nice Vlog!

  7. Beautiful! MLK Rocks!

  8. Tar

    thank u for doing this

    u made my eyes tear up – hey u wanna make one where u have some Great Deaf African-Americans in ur Vlog with their names too?

    i know it is harder to find them out there – many are not famous but they are GREAT

    Whenever i teach about MLK Jr i explain he is one of my greatest heros – when he advocated peacefully for Black people’s rights – he also advocated for all HUMAN beings like u said

    Human bondage, hatred, prejudice, discrimination – enslave not just the person on the receiving end but also the oppressor

    MLK Jr taught us there is another way, a better way

    thank you for reminding us of that – we need these reminders daily – not just once a year

    not sure u saw the video of Ella signing a bit of MLKjr speech with video of MLK jr speaking the same words at the end but u might like to check it out – it about the “death of the spirit” and conquering that by STANDING UP

    thank u


    patti durr

  9. Tar,

    Your vlog is an inspiration. Goose bumps! He is a saint!

  10. very good story about ur dream… that is cool that u basically met MLK in ur dream just like meeting a person in real life, neat… it has happened to me few times in my dream i would meet people who are already dead in my dream. hey i did a poem about MLK on my vlog… feel free to check it out…

  11. WOW! Very Great Vlog!!! I was off yesterday to honor MLK. He made many speeches around the nation also out of country to get some help and support. Now, We are in the nation of volience and many things but we remember him to be peaceful person and I will always remember him even we will see him in Heaven 🙂 Good Job Tar!!

  12. Tar,

    Thank you for your sharing with us. I do think and feel honor MLK. He was a great role model for everyone that we learned from him as a peaceamker and dreamer!

    I do enjoy your vlog so far! I learn lots from you! Keep it up! Good job!

  13. Awww Patti durr, you’re welcome! =-)
    EVERYONE!!! Thank you and WELCOME!!

    I believe that I have to do this is because MLK came to my dream and technically asked me to make a VLOG about him to remind all of you! =-)
    Chillyzgirl.. u did good job! =-) But why don’t you make a vlog about it? Let’s do it in the next time ok?

  14. thank for sharing us on MLK, dude.

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