Response to Change 4 Deaf #1




~ by Tar2006 on January 31, 2008.

7 Responses to “Response to Change 4 Deaf #1”

  1. Your ASL is beautiful and I enjoyed this vlog.

  2. Very interesting info from you, TAR!! Thanks for letting us know before we are ready to vote for SuperTuseday!!! YIKES, I do not want to vote for McCain and Huckabee to win the Missouri Republican.. They are both SCARY Repllukicans!!! I prefer someone else in Primary Repbulican… I am going to vote one for Democrat too…

  3. dude, tar

    wow! your comment inspired me and touched my heart. you just get my vote to cast for hillary clinton. my deaf wife and i will be there at the precinct caucus in minnesota as being delegates on super tueseday. it was difficult for me to weight my decision between clinton and obama after hear the change4deaf’s comment. i was confused about lobbist as favorism. you clarified to correct the truth about experience is the bravest too. you the man!


  4. well said !!


  5. Do you regularly read a newsletter, “Congressional Record”? If not, I urge you to start reading from 2002 to present. It will tell you what Hillary Clinton has voted for and voted against. You would be surprised (shocked) that she is 100% in favor of refraining from controlling pharmaceutial companies’s prices on prescription drugs. She also was in favor of cutting down Medicare for people. She is in favor of Bush of sending low-income people to a “friendly” clinic instead of a real hospital’s
    emergency room. A “friendly” clinic means a clinic where people are “students”, not yet becoming doctors. Hillary is a “rubber-stamp” senator and does not read fine print on some bills. That is very unethical and immoral of Clinton!

    Ralph Nadler has more information on Hillary on the Internet.

    Unfortunately, most Americans choose the worst evil and forget
    the least evil. Money can talk. That is why lobbyists always win.

    What Melvin Patterson, a brilliant public speaker, says about
    lobbyists is true. Congress members depend on lobbyists for their extra income.

    Watch Melvin at:

  6. Hi Tar, I just discovered you from Geo’s blog and I am going to tell you that I love your blog! Those long, nimble fingers, wow! And the smoothe signing AND a handsome face to look at! I will come and visit you often from now on!

    You give very good advice, and your arguments are good.

    Lantana’s Latitude

  7. Tar..yeah I am still vote for Hillary period. She has the most an expensive Experince Lady. We need something “femmine” at white house for change.We had enough all men machonist attitude at WashingtonD.C.

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