Change my taste for drink, AGBAD, DBC, etc…




~ by Tar2006 on February 18, 2008.

13 Responses to “Change my taste for drink, AGBAD, DBC, etc…”

  1. Hey TAR!

    I am with you about who u are “DEAF”.. I can hear some noises and even hear on the phone with my famiy (only my mother speaks) I still label myself, I AM PROUDLY DEAF cuz I am CREATED from my mother’s belly. sigh*
    Yeah, My hands are widley waving to you!..

    Keep up…

    Hey, Thank you for chatting on Yahoo chat last time. (Remmy tht person disturbed you while u chatted with someone, it was me, “Y” I am sorry. hehehe)

  2. Yes, it is simple to call ourself “Deaf” without any fear of not being part of hearing world, but we are in the hearing world. Therefore, we show the hearing world that we do exist without any ashame. 🙂

  3. Beautiful!

  4. Hey Tar!
    Beautiful way to express your compassion!! Bravo!

  5. Hey Tarhero,

    I worship you. Honestly, I really kiss fist you. Yes, AGBell is EVIL. Richard Roehm is SATAN. I am fully Deaf and strong my own ASL.
    Thumbs up!!!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Bobby L.

  6. HI Tar, keep this up with your vlog. you did a beautiful job!!!!:) ASL IS A GREAT TOOL TO COMMUNICATE… have a great day take care KH

  7. Very Thoughtful :]

    Beside, the trippin’ effect of the video was so awesome.

  8. Not a very thoughtful message about those who are HoH. Take a deafhood workshop.

  9. i am not concerned about people labeling themselves hoh. that is their choice. i am ok with that. we need to respect ci’s too. they got ci-borgized while they were baby. they had no say in it. we need to welcome all kinds of deafies. yes i am an organic deaf like you are but not like you, i am stone deaf.

  10. interesting post; may i ask that you refer to AGBAD as : AGBell? you’d appear more professional that way.

  11. Good job, TAR!

  12. I believe deaf is freedom and soon remove AG BELL is closed. i am glad but I am really feel ag bell is not judge to order. deaf freedom is free deaf rights. look what i said to ag bell in commet on feb 20, 2008 and it is time for asl will be freedom. good show vlog veido.

  13. AGBell will never close in the future because they are history. DBC will never close either. Many deaf are experience with oral, ASL, CI, English, etc. Who blame that deaf club are closed??? Who blame deaf community faded away? AGB are not responsible for you and deaf community are faded away. Too many deaf are against CI, English, HoH, Oral, etc. It’s true too many deaf cultures are NEGATIVE NEGATIVE NEGATIVE thought against Oral, CI, etc. Oral, CI, & ASL are still deaf persons. Please think and support DEAF world no matter what oral, CI, and ASL. Do you know that Oral deaf people went to the Gally University because oral people wanted to learn ASL. You must support and proud of oral because they are deaf world. We all deaf world holding the hands forever. I dont want to see damn BATTLE against deaf world (DGBell/DBC war war next many years. Please think about it. Okay

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