Marlee Matlin, Enough!




~ by Tar2006 on March 18, 2008.

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  1. Sound like you jump over it! Last night she read an interpreter and let an interpretr voice for her. Sometime she can talk, sometime she can lip read. So what? She is not the one the mess up the world but hearing people does! Now C.I. are ruined deaf images. Marlee tried hard to please everyone, and it is not easy.

  2. Lose your ASL glasses and you’ll see the truth.

  3. YES!! I agree! I have stood up to tell them that ASL is here to stay forever!

  4. There you go, Tar. I didn’t really care for Marlee very much. She is just a movie star that I don’t give a damn about that. Her attitude seems not that so great as far as I know she is not being so nice to my friends who had met her. Only thing is why should we prove them that we can speak that is no concern for me to see who is better than me or better than them? That is what it tells me that Deaf people are no good and our ASL is no good. Scoffs! That is a very Degradation of our Deaf Natural abilities and Adaptation for so many years. NO wonder there are tooooo many deaf oralists/latened deaf with a very low self esteem, who are having a severe mentality problem and kiss Hearing people s butt for making themselves to feel superior. RME! A Shadow hearing people who thinks they are better than us, ASLan people. In my own Deaf eyes, ASLan people are way much better than me and many other Deaf oralists with all those artificial languages. The reason is that is why we all mixed up with the concept of being deaf that is not healthy influence by Alexander Graham Bell ‘s Audism people who did this all along. Too much denials to deal with kind of those Hearing and deaf people with a very negative bitter attitude as well.

    That is why I stand up for our American Sign Language first as always. Now you can see why many Deaf schools turned out more mess it up and disrespectful for our Deaf Education by Audism people who doesn’t know what they are doing. They are not actually helping Deaf children to have a good Education in their future without a real communication. That is a real big Scary going on in our Deaf Community.

    However, it s not the Deaf school itself s fault after all we have toooo many hearing Educator people who do not sign or understand the concept of Deaf children s true expression after all Deaf children who were forced to speak it only without ASL. How dare and selfish hearing people take Deaf children away from our True Visual language that Deaf children are dying for having a real communication in their own emotional tones from a true expression. I DONT GIVE A DAMN if we have 90 percent of hearing parents of Deaf child that should listen Harlen Lane ‘s quote.

    I find this is real outrageous for this society s preceptive view of our Disabilities after all they shut us out from our true visual language that doesn’t belong to them. That’s their own severe mentality abuse toward Deaf children as usual It hasn’t stopped yet because of a GOD DAMN Hearing Device Scams and MEDICAL professionals who lies too much about us, our natural abilities and Deaf community. They are actually destroy our Deaf children nowadays so therefore I DO NOT SUPPORT ANY HEARING DEVICE that doesn’t help us completely without having a natural abilities / adaptations in a real life. Scoffs!

    WE MUST DO SOMETHING before IT S TOO LATE to get more harmful many Deaf children to be continued in their future. Deaf children are dealing with the plight of suffering that hasn’t stopped for years and years. TIME TO STOP them in our hands now.

    Now I do not support all kind of artificial languages because it s not equal between Hearing and Deaf people as I can see it s all gutterings and miserable to blame on ASLan people that is wrongdoing by those Medical professionals/ CI radicals/ CIers/ who are still attempting to destroy our Deaf community ‘s positive outlook.

    Deaf people do not hear the spoken language itself alone with any hearing devices. So be it! People must know that by now.. NO more excuses for them to force and conform those Deaf children’s boundary lines by their own power.

    ASL is empowering language to have real communication that helps for both sides with no frustration or struggle.

    Thank you for doing a good job to share with all of us.

    Have a wonderful day! 😉
    SweetMind 😉

  5. Simple. It isn’t Marlee Matlin’s decision. Its producer and director’s decision. She is just simple and plain actress.

  6. Interesting! Even through I don’t like marlee matlin’s altitudes toward her fans, I was hoping that she’d lose this stuck-up altitude and conceited comment that if she win, she would place her trophy next to her Oscar… Same old Marlee… Nothin’ new about her!

  7. It is her egoism, personal against but not because of her ASL, Oralism or lip read mixed up! Geeez.

  8. Pah you noticed it. Already saw it YEARS ago!
    Tired of her. Never was a fan of hers.

  9. same old marlee..she will never change her stuck up attitude. she insulted a lot of my friends even when one of them was only 12. one of them was at a store along with her friends looking for some stuff and marlee was there. Marlee approached her and insulted her. Her attitude at one film shooting sucked. That is so her. I’m sick of her myself. I look up to many other Deaf actors and actresses!

  10. Anybody got money to fix the sound that I can release the movie about unity for gallaudet that way we can whip her ass!

  11. Wow! Do I sense some jealousy here? What happened to deafhood? People come with different upbrinings and you are rejecting MM because of her unique deafhood? This is an excellent example of deaf rejecting other deaf. Where’s our unity regardless of our deafhood? We will never reach anywhere if we keep doing this.

  12. I think Marlee Matlin is a great role model for all Deaf people, both the big “D” and the small “d” and her diversity as a Deaf person caters to all Deaf and Hard of Hearing people across the United States and around the world, regardless of system that is in place, or dominating. A representative from the Deaf Community should be able to convey concerns to her and get her feedback on the concerns expressed here in this vlog. Marlee Matlin put us on the map, and if that is the best she can do, we should applaud her for that and send up more actors and actresses who will insist no speaking roles. It is true that speech and lipreading in roles by Deaf actors and actresses can present a view to hearing people and contribute to misconception at times, but seeing a diversity of roles should help contribute understanding of Deaf culture, too. There have been non-speaking roles, and I believe a hearing person can discern between a Deaf mute and a speaking deaf person as separate individuals and not as a culture as a whole. There have been enough letters sent by AG Bell and letters by the Deaf community for Hollywood producers to see the two differing views which represent two different cultures related to deafness.

    We truly want to say there is one Deaf culture and that is ASL, bar none! Let’s educate TV people. Let’s ask Marlee Matlin what is purpose of speaking roles, and lipreading. Sometimes through interviews we can get some answers. Let’s all be assertive here since our precious language, ASL, is at stake.

  13. It has nothing to do with jealousy after all you accepted those abuses toward Deaf children by Audism people who do not have any respect for ASLan or GrassRoot in our Deaf Education and Deaf people of the Deaf community if you mind.

    If I am a movie start like Marlee, guess what I will not tolerate this kind of behavior that I must acting out like a Shadow Hearing person while I am a very natural Deaf person. Thank you!

    Well, you let people are using you as a puppet or guinea pig that is a big offensive toward Deaf people of the Deaf community. Scoffs!

  14. I respect Linda Bove, Phillip Fletcher and few other Deaf actress or actors that they have a good attitude as well. Are you overlooked that Deaf actress or actors with ASL are the first one before Marlee? Why her and her oralist that has to give the wrong impression to this society all along from a start? That does not impress me at all after all I was a deaf oralist myself.

  15. If MM didnt win the award, what will happen to us 20 years later? We may not have many barriers overcome. I dont care if MM got any attitudes, what I care is the recongization in deaf communities. I have got more respects from hearing communities today comparing to 20 years ago (too many counts of oppresses). You or I may be an a**hole but again, who cares! Would you rather for MM to be like Brittany Spears: irresponsible Deaf mother? I bet you will rather not to see this big news like that!

  16. Agreed completely, You did watch movie of The L word. Marlee was there with “her partiner” you would watch it. myself actor/narrator in hollywood. I would be ASL and voiceover of course.

  17. RME @ JC…get a life! Your statements are getting old about unity for got nothing better to do and so darn obessed on one thing you boring life!

    As for MM…she has every right what she please and to have her own preference just as much as each of us have the pleasure to have our own rights and perference. I do understand what you are saying, but you can’t control everything and the world does not stop just because you don’t like one thing and for you to be able to control over it. You need to accept it and deal with it and go minding your business and worry about your own life and be the one that make diffrence.

  18. Wow… she’s one deaf person who happened to be a very talented actress. I find it very unfortunate that you are disappointed that she does not ‘fit’ what you think she should be….

    She does not represent the Deaf Community. She represents only herself and let her be.

    If she is deaf and can also speak, so f*cking what…

    Keep in mind that deaf ASL users comprise only like 5-10 percent of the deaf/hoh population so she is more ‘average’ and representative of the deaf community, than you are, Tar.

    Just because Deaf ASL users were oppressed in the past, it does not mean she has to toe the extreme ASL rhetoric to make you feel better about yourself.

    One last thing… get a life … be a role model for other ASL users instead of bitching about the things you do not like.

  19. Puzzled
    Nothing new about you cuz I know who you’re. You’ve no ASL skills. A Deaf person is the one who doesn’t bother to have his ears fixed.He accepts his Deafhood without tools in his ears! That’s what Deafhood means! Understand?

  20. who cares?

  21. Tara, what do you want out of unity for gallaudet?

  22. Hello everyone, I want to make clarify up that I DIDN’T make this vlog to split up the Deaf community around here. I do not expect or want to create the war between Deaf against another Deaf.

    I respect Marlee Matlin as human and I really admire with all of her work to contribute Deaf community. I really appreciate with all of her works where I can’t complain about.

    My issue with Marlee Matlin being perform in the movie is just need some of work and adjust little better where it should be and I believe that she should to continue with her work. She can either ignore my advice or take my advice which is up to her.

    Everyone, please understand this.. I am not against her or anything. This is what I need to speak out of my opinion through vlog which you guys shouldn’t start to war right? Let’s cheer up guys! =)

    Also.. Thank you for sharing your opinion with us..

    Thanks! =)

  23. You said “ENOUGH” for several times for whose people who misbehaved as “D”eaf. You are against them as well as Marlee Matlin. It seemly like that you have been living under rocks for years. In fact, deaf world is certainly bigger than “D”eaf world. Ought we stick with a smaller world? No thanks. “D”eaf world doesn’t care about English. Screw them. You can see how “D”eaf world killed Gallaudet in couple years ago. We look at ourselves as human being, not deaf nor hearing but disability. ASL sucks major time, end of discuss.

  24. Just want to point out something you signed. There are two worlds, the deaf and the hearing. I disagree. While this MAY be true in some ways, in fact there is only ONE world we live in, different people, communities, and cultures live in one world. PERIOD. If we do live in different worlds, why would we need interpreters? Why we need bridges? It is because hearing people live in deaf world or vice versa. There is no shuttling back and forth physically. Yes, spiritually, culturally, mentally, but we live in ONE world physically.

  25. Tar, what a terrific issue you brought up. You’re right, sometimes it’s best to throw out what we can and be consistent in the things we do BEST. I agree, I loved Children of a Lesser God and wish there were more roles like that to bring out deaf actors’ qualities rather than downplay them to “barely audible speaking” roles that don’t fit 80% of the time. I don’t speak as clearly as a hearing person. But if I had to use my voice, it wouldn’t be on TV! Maybe the public is used to these deaf voices??

    About Marlee Matlin, I think Dancing with the Stars is her highest profile gig ever, but I kind of don’t understand her interpreter on TV. Good thing there’s captioning…

  26. Deafhood means acceptance of the diversity among us Deaf and deaf people. I am saddened to see the intolerance to MM’s using her voice. I prefer her to use ASL, yes, but she is an actress first, Deaf person second. The directors wanted her to use her voice for the hearing audience. She is still Deaf. Why this anger to MM, emphasizing ENOUGH several times? Do you feel she is rejecting Deaf people because she uses her voice?

  27. Hello.
    I have never been so fond of her. When she spoke at her award, it turned me off completely.
    I just don’t want the hearing world to get the wrong impression that deaf people can speak. Not ALL deafies can speak.
    We need someone that would represent what a deaf person actually is like.
    Good vlog about that issue.

  28. Mishkazen, you are right about Deafhood accepts all Deaf, But I am disappointed about Rachel isn’t interested in ASL but French language. What’s why I can’t accept her.

    ASL takes stand. I don’t hear English is the most important in the world. Englsh is going to kill ASL.

  29. I do very much agree with you Tar!
    I felt the same way and wanna to speak up about it until u brough it up was really exact how I felt and the view. I thank you so much for speak up for us in deaf community.
    Yes she ought to sign more in movie especailly in professional position to show what truly deafness are.
    She can do whatever she want in her personal daily life BUT when it comes to movie or program pls show the world what deafness are about and what purpose of having in asl.
    I do felt more look up to Linda Bove she shows more of herself in movie as being deafness. she didnt have to use her voice to speak she show her truly ID as deafness. I felt that deaf people should look up to Linda Bove she is the one that should be one of the best actress according being deafness and show the world what deafness can be .
    Tar thank you so much to help us out to speak up.
    I truly can related that.

  30. We are all blessed to belong to ONE world full of unigue human beings. We are all blessed with our own opinions and ideas. Within the one world, there are diverse groups – and each person has to select how they fit in depending on who they have accepted they are. There are many stubborn, hard headed, opinionated individuals within each group. They can and will be critical to any they feel do not meet “their standards” and for those, I respect you words, thoughts, and signs. Personally, I do not have a problem with those who are not like me, I thank God daily for my individuality. Personality is not always connected with the group which we “classify” ourselves. There are many that have made it BIG in the movies, etc. that come across the same as Marlee. TAR, I respect that you feel if a person claims to be Deaf, they did to fit your idea of “Deaf” – unfortunately, they are not all being raised to believe as you. I do not feel she is killing ASL and do not feel ASL will die. There are too many wonderful Deaf peole that depend on that as their language and they will not allow this to happen. And believe it or not, there are many that have hearing that are aiding in this issue. 🙂

  31. Tar, I do understand your comments. Iam civil right person what I believe is right. I do happen ability to read lips and speak because Iam surivor in hearing world. I believe in ASL is very important in our lives and Deaf community. I do precious ASL is true visual language. my experience that oppression and audism affected my life is true happened to me. I simply believe that Iam journey into Deafhood is very important because Deaf community taught me alot about my true Deaf identify and ASL is exposed in my life impacted me awesom. Iam not kind of person that Iam not brag about my civil right or ability to read lips and speak because Iam true surivor that is what about me. I think Marlee Martlin should have to be herself unforunately she makes her choices. Thank you for your sharing your feelings and I understand how you felt.

  32. Chris H, What does rachel have to do with MM?; you got beef with that girl, you go cry on her blog not here.

  33. dog food poison, “What does rachel have to do with MM?” If MM and Rachel prefer to speak English than ASL, I will lose a lot of respect for them. I don’t see MM has to fight against failing Deaf education system.

    I have to agree with Tar.

  34. I am not really fond of Marlee Matlin. My oldest sister mentioned to me she is thrilled to watch the show. I just nodded. My biggest concern is many hearing people get the wrong impression that Deaf/HH can speak well with help of hearing aids or CI.
    I remember my sister and her friend asked me right away if she can speak or not after we first watched the show that night … Ooh I forget name of the movie. That was back in mid 80’s. It digusted me. I told them .. no idea because I can’t hear her voice! They back off quietly. I can understand you feel offended by the show show. Same here but I didn’t bother to watch it. *shrug* who cares — we are all humans.

  35. it is good vlog. I wish MM use pure asl on the movie or tv porgam to expose hearing people . thank you for sharing for your feelings

  36. Chris H; you poor little man… making judgments on someone simply because of their communication preferences. you got a lot to learn.

  37. Chris H, you may not realize that MM does use language contact (PSE) a lot and some ASL. Why is she being compared to Rachel who doesn’t use ASL at all?

  38. dog food poison, you poor little man too. You forget about deaf children suffer from failing oral and some deaf children have never seen ASL before. I support ASL. I have nothing against Marlee Matlin. Now you are making judgemtn on me.

  39. Wow, it has a lot comments on this blog. By the way, it ‘s good tosee you again for a while!

  40. mishkazena, I think you seem not understand Deafhood. “Deafhood means more embracing of the diversity surrounding us.” I don’t understand that you are against Jane Fernandes.

    I believe that anonymous “Deafhood means growing up as a deaf person not a hearing person” Anyone who accept ASL and Deaf Culture.

  41. I agree with cnkatz!

    As I have to point out your quote “My issue with Marlee Matlin being perform in the movie is just need some of work and adjust little better where it should be and I believe that she should to continue with her work. She can either ignore my advice or take my advice which is up to her.”

    Do you realized its what director want, it’s Hollywood. Directors & producers need to be educated a little more about deafness in order to have a better acting for all deaf actors/actresses to act. Once again, it’s Hollywood. I’ve lived there and knew it well.

    I’ve once met Marlee and her attitudes doesn’t bother me. It’s who she is. You can’t change other person’s personality.

  42. compare to tom curise to Marlee. a little girl wanted to say hi. Marlee had acted out on a little innocent girl. Is that ok because that is SO HER?? what a bitch.

  43. Mishkazena

    “Deafhood is described as a journey that each Deaf person undertakes to discover their true identity and purpose here on the Earth as a Deaf person among other people. This journey is for anybody who is what George Veditz calls “first and foremost, people of the eye”. These people are visually oriented in dealing with the environment. They feel most at ease using a signed language rather than a spoken language.”

    “Some of those people are ones who discovered they are Deaf in their later years, and feel they have no use for Sign Language or a Deaf identity”

  44. Hey Tar!
    I totally agree with you . Tar very good topic to speak out.
    I never got any impressed with MM since she played in Lesser of God and won the award. God she has terrrible atttitude during academy award years ago.
    I was working at Deaf Way I at Gallaudet and I saw her sneaking out hiding herself by wearing baseball hat and collar up to her neck. Not waving anyone. One of my co worker at Deaf Way saw whole thing with her own eyes and was very shock to see … one Grandma was with granddaughter who was so exciting to ask MM for an autograph and MM refused. MY god who is MM. She is really snob bitch that turned me off big time since then.
    And even still now she was playing in movie L Word… she signs and using her voice mixed up. And she date a lady with a male interpreter. Yeck would you get an interpreter to go with you on your dating ? Hell no that makes hearing people think we all deaf people need interpreter all the times which is not true so MM is making things so stupid. Sorry to say this. Im not going to watch MM tonite on Dancing with the stars.. why should I?

  45. Well, what do you expect? It’s Hollywood. MM’s been in the picture for over 20 years already. The life as she used to know prior to making the movie “Children of a Lesser God” and then winning the Academy Award is gone forever. She’s been harrassed, she’s been stalked, her privacy invaded, etc. etc. So what if she’s an egotastic stuck-up? So what if she doesn’t meet the expectations of the Deaf Community? So what if she’s being rude to us just because she wants to be left alone in order to live her life a little? Look at what she’s done for the Deaf Community…some of us couldn’t have gone where we are now if it wasn’t for her. Most importantly, she’s doing an awesome job of changing the world’s perceptions toward the Deaf/HoH Community in general. Get over it, leave her alone and ENJOY THE SHOW TONIGHT!

  46. Tar,

    Hey Tar,

    I agree with you and others that MM is not for us! She tries to get her attention from the “VIP” people and she would not give an opportunities to the other deafies to get involed in the plays or whatever it is called. She is trying to get hearing ppl’s attention rather than the “us”…Thanks for bringing this up. Cheers!

  47. Where we tonight shall camp?….The top blogs of the day. the newest report , see and reply me some comments. Thanks.

  48. Chris H

    “Some of those people are ones who discovered they are Deaf in their later years, and feel they have no use for Sign Language or a Deaf identity”

    That’s correct. It is their lives. They feel more comfortable not involving themselves in the Deaf Culture and ASL. I knew few of them. But they are still deaf.

    Whereby with me and many other oral deaf people we joined Deaf Culture and learned ASL. We embrace both and integrate Deafhood into ourselves 🙂

    Most important that I think.. no matter what road we take, we respect each other.

  49. Umm Tar … could you make a litter bigger and brighter here. I hardly read all the responses here? Greatly appreciated. I am aging and I have six (eyes (regular and bifocal glasses), Smile … Thanks Hang in there Tar — I hope MM is not going to get you down. Each individual is different and unique. I am not fan of MM and the Movies/TV stars because we are all humans.

  50. SweetMind quotes “NO wonder there are tooooo many deaf oralists/latened deaf with a very low self esteem,” Umm IMO not always … Some Deaf oralists/HH may have good productive life of their own.

  51. Tar:

    MM was fantasique tonight! I was proud of MM for proving the world that she could dance without using a crutch, namely, the cochlear implant (CI). She did not use the voice either! One of the three judges who awarded her “8” said to MM that despite her inability to hear she did the dancing very beautiful and artistically because “it” is in her blood! In light of the ugliness about Deaf Culture caused by Jane Fernandes and implantees, you should be grateful that MM has helped the members of Deaf Culture look positive.

    Lighten up, Tar.

  52. Chris H

    I missed this the first time until someone alerted me.

    I am against Jane Fernandes because she is a lousy administrator. Contrary to some people’s belief, the protest had nothing to do with deaf identity politics. In case you may not realize this, we both have exactly the same oral deaf upbringing.

  53. Mishkazena,

    After reading about you and the parent of a deaf daughter on the
    Google, I am wondering when you will be “stem-celled”.

  54. Leave MM alone… She has a job to do…

  55. Groans, here we go again… PLEASE SUPPORT MM. She did BEAUTIFULLY tonight. I am soo proud of her. Let the past stay there. Move on! I totally agree with Jean B.

    You all can have 1 million plus opinions and views about MM. Let’s try and be more positive because there’s so many negative in this community and world. Sad. Each individuals on DR and this blog has it’s own unique and skills. Let’s try and be supportive to each other. We can be a STRONG community with lots of diversities here. Take care.

  56. ChrisH wrote

    “Mishkazena, “Deafhood is described as a journey that each Deaf person undertakes to discover their true identity and purpose here on the Earth as a Deaf person among other people. This journey is for anybody who is what George Veditz calls “first and foremost, people of the eye”. These people are visually oriented in dealing with the environment. They feel most at ease using a signed language rather than a spoken language.”

    Yay, ChrisH, you are right! We faithfully participate in Ella
    Mae Lentz’s vlog/blog all the time and saw her define Deafhood.
    She pointed out that Oralism really colonizes Deaf Culture.

    Long Live ASL and Deaf Culture

    “Some of those people are ones who discovered they are Deaf in their later years, and feel they have no use for Sign Language or a Deaf identity”

    ChrisH said this on March 18, 2008 at 11:33 pm

  57. Chris H: You have nothing angst Marlee? Riddle me this…

    “If MM and Rachel prefer to speak English than ASL, I will lose a lot of respect for them.”

    i guess its hard to learn anything if you’re one confused little man too.

  58. in the end, chris H, speak for yourself with all the deaf babies and such. Speak for yourself when you try to speak for the community, or for whoever “those” deaf people, communities, failed oralists, or fetuses.

  59. I HEART marlee!! I HEART hearing impaired people! I HEART our globally warmed earth!

  60. I dont give damn about her FAMOUS MM Star cuz one out of over thousands stars are far more famous than one that is MM for sure! i would called ” One of Kind!”

  61. Spell it right, it is Marlee Matlin, NOT Martin… must be wrong person? haha

  62. What a long responses about Marlee…nothing better things to say…..LEAVE Marlee ALONE !! She is doing for the movie and show business as her career. BRAVO Marlee !! Way to GO !!!

  63. Never judge anyone, period! Importantly, being in deafhood is essential for everyone who is charteractized as deaf by the Heavenly Creator and being a positive Deaf person is the best descriptive way for the Heavenly Creator for us all!
    Just be proud of Marlee Matlin and others, period!

  64. Marlee did GREAT job dancing last night! She has been using ASL everytime the camera was rolling at her, she was the most glowing lady comparing to few other ladies sitting next to her.

  65. Don’t you have anything else better to do huh? Marlee is a great actress and you are no good!

  66. I have been watching your vlogs. You do have issues and like to cause problems. GET A LIFE!

  67. mishkazena,

    It’s people like Tar doing a lot to keep the spirit of deafhood an illusion.


  68. Hearing world is totally predominated. If there was spanish actor comes to states and he will have to learn to speak english for any type of role. It wouldn’t bother Spanish heritage. Deaf Culture must have a hybrid language regardless how important ASL it is. We must preserve ASL as our primary language but we also must learn to use other language to compensate the dominant language. If an individual cannot speak, that’s okay. Some can talk some don’t…sadly, for others think they can talk when hearing don’t understand. Sucks to be them.

    Truthfully, its a freedom of expression, freedom of speech, etc. Marlee has the right to express for who she is. If you don’t approve of what she does, then don’t watch her shows. We cannot tell her what to do with her life. Her choices has made our life more interesting.

    I speak and I use ASL. I had to speak because this is reality to make my life easier for business and personal. My primary language is ASL. I do not approve of AG Bell. But we have to be more peaceful with AG Bell and have them to learn about us. AG Bell done some good things by making a better quality of hearing aids and Ci. Lot o hearing people have lost their hearing over night and they helped them out.

    Marketing 101. Deaf Culture is a very very SMALL number with a high unemployment rate. Almost 80% of Deaf in the USA are unemployed. Deaf ASLian is less than 500,000 in the US. HOH makes up over 3 million in the US. You will need to understand why Marlee had to speak because of Marketing tactics that they’re selling. Whitestone and Marlee had reached these numbers more than Deaf ASLIan because of purchasing power from these HOH. HOH makes up higher purchasing power over ASLIAN. Social Security Administration has covered 280,000 SSA benefits for the deaf in the US. It’s a shame.

    We as ASLian should influence other ASLIAN to get jobs and succeed. In hollywood, they look at us as a peanuts. We’re worthless. That’s why, you don’t see many ASLian athletes in the professional level, Corporate level, etc. Vince Cerf is the inventor of internet for MCI is HOH. He doesn’t know Sign Language. Christopher who founded deaf Merril Lynch division doesn’t know ASL, etc. ASLian is a very rare appearance in the public eyes.

    So your oppression shows the perception of who we actually are and we’re struggling to accomplish our dreams and hope that ASL soon to be dominated. 300,000 doesn’t cut it. If you plan to sell your goods, then who do you want to sell to make millions? That’s marketing 101.

  69. I think MM did a pretty good job last night. She spelled, “vote, vote” in sign langauge was cool, but I won’t vote for her, sorry for some reasons.

  70. Richard Roehm,

    I’ve watched you with your vlog and blog. I’m appalled!!! Did you realize when others have responded or disagree with you, and you kept stirring which does not help you and the community. I can understand how bitter and lonely you may have been but it doesn’t mean everybody is at fault. It’s about you.

    You are the embarrassment to the DEAF COMMUNITY, period. Back of your head knows exactly what your intentions and actions were and still doing it. You’re educated enough to prevent this. If you think you are successful man, then why wearing like a walmart outfit, living in a shithole apt or a house…driving a small crappy when I see your headliner has dirty marks everywhere. Come on, kid…get a life.

    You’re running the Non Profit Org that has no sense of purpose in this community. At one vlog, you talk without using sign language without CC. WTF, kid! You got to stop doing these stuff because you’re not helping yourself to get better. You’ve lost a girl and you’re stubborn. You couldn’t get over it.

    You need help and it’s time before your age passes you by. It’s sucks to be you!

    Go to St Johns Clinic in Santa Monica and they’re here to help you before you could hurt someone or land into jail.

    IF you’re willing to change, we can forgive you. Simple!

  71. Agree with Becky!

  72. Anon,

    Huh? Me stem-celled? What the heck are you talking about??? Now you know all about me after reading an article?
    You think I am a wannabe hearing??? *laughing*

    Don’t talk nonsense. Anon. It just means I don’t practice discrimination against D/deaf people.

  73. I was talking about oral deaf people, not Oralism. Ella Lentz was referring to the oral deaf education. There is a big difference.

  74. Tar,

    Wow you are rude boy against Marlee. She have nothing against deaf community. She is doing good job in actress in the movies no matter what she uses ASL and speaks and lipread. She always get sign language interpreter with her all of her life. She was invited to OPRAY show with sign language interpreter because she does not want to be misunderstood with communicate with hearing world. I grew up in oral school. When I was out of world in age 20 years old…I was focusing myself involved in deaf culture, deaf world, deaf community, learning ASL with many deaf people. I am enjoying to learn ASL because I am deaf person in the deaf world. My mother supported AGBell included me to speak and lipread. I disagreed with my mother but I still love her no matter what. I have deaf right myself to choose deaf world or hearing world. I choosed deaf world myself not my mother. I am still oral, speaking, voice, lipread with my hearing family and close hearing friends only period…not deaf people. I am respecting deaf culture included using ASL. I am proud myself. I am proud of Marlee. I am voting Marlee NUMBER ONE dance with the stars.

  75. I didn’t think marlee was that great on the show, but hey; I ❤ her for trying and doing her best! she can do it and she deserves my vote.

  76. Tar,
    I wonder if you have a 9 to 5 job? If so, what do you do for work?

  77. Well, MM is an actress, who will believe a movie? We enjoy the movies because of good acting’s. If we wish to learn more about something like ASL or Deaf culture, we can take some courses, not by watching a show!
    There is SO much diveristy in our life, especially in America which makes our lives so much interesting. We need to learn how to adapt and enjoy our lives with anyone. We need to understand where those Deaf came from; their backgrounds, their education, so forth. That also applies with hearing people as well, as that made them to be who they are.
    YES, I agree 100% that we need to preserve our language (ASL), but we need to do other way by educating people, not criticize. People will react better by that way!
    By the way, I am Deaf, from a large Deaf family. We are all employed!!!!!!!! Thank you all for letting me putting my two cents in.

  78. I really upset Marlee Matlin but I agree him ” You Tube ” asl deafs either I not like her show off talking speaking and lip read silly sick.I not unhappy her hate she alway snob and ego I watch her al time she active wried person not agree her sick I need to help for deafs asl pure powers!!!! not her Please I pray to figure goal it amen!

  79. Hello!
    I just made my next vlog about Marlee Matlin again to sorta thing out with all of your misinterpreter and misunderstand about me.

    First… I am not against MM.
    Second.. This is my opinion and do not twist up my opinion.
    Third… I will agrue anything for ASL!

    Plain and simple.. Thanks =-)

  80. why cant deaf people be themself , if they can do lip reading thats ok , and if they can do asl thats ok ,if they can do cue thats ok , if they can do what they please them thats ok , let them be them , we all are human and we can be what we want to be . wow u are being very selfish and try to make whoever feels that way to be self esteem, go asl go cue go lip reading go hardof hearing go deaf whatever ,,,,,

  81. Reading the comments on your blog has been interesting. Well, my children of elementary school age see it differently from deaf adults. They are more excited and happy that there is a DEAF woman who can DANCE on the TV… in their more innocent perspectives. So I leave it alone and let them enjoy watching MM dancing and getting inspired by her.

  82. I think Marlee Matlin is just being herself when not performing as an actress. She can use her voice and lip-sync and her ASL is
    both fluent and more grammerically accurate than Deaf ASL. We are
    not all the same. Marlee is not a politician and is not under any
    job requirement to represent ASL Deaf culture. I’m sure she would
    jump at such an opportunity if the writers would enable her to.
    Wondering what has become of the acting careers of Phyllis Frelich
    and Ed Waterstreet. If I was an actor, I would try my darndest to
    be accommodating with the studios needs as well as my own. Work
    does not always fall onto your lap.

  83. I have no idea what you are saying with reference to your point. Maybe you should learn how to deal with their reputations if they are not perfect. Marlee Matlin deserved her performing.
    A long time ago I talked with Marlee Matlin in Seattle after she just won awards for best actress. She explained me that why she occasionally established a way to be unbeaten from her mistakes May I appeal what is your culmination or your options?

  84. Tar, you must be an angry person. Too much negative. Be more discreet and get to the point. Thank you..

  85. Marlee has her own choices. In fact, I am happy for her success. If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it.

  86. I understand about what marlee’s life. She has been working hard for her actress. She is a natural person life with her own deaf and can’t help with her lipread or can talk, whatever. That is her life and you (Tar) can’t justice the people about ASL or speak languages. Just leave Marlee alone and leave any people alone for their languages. So, why you cry aloud for simple about Marlee??? Cry baby!! I don’t care what you complain over simple life. We are the natural human being. No matter what, deaf world and hearing world are same the people as human being. I am deaf or hoh, whatever. Thanks!!!! So be it!

  87. a transcript in written English?

    you are ASL only? ok…bye bye

  88. Well, as far as I’ve concerned about the issues that Tar has spoken that is pretty insulation- from what I’ve raised comes from a hearing family. I also fluent in ASL. However I enjoy being in a hearing world. I have friends- Look at the point of view. Today in this time of the century.. Do you know video phones; approacing the understanding language through interpreters, or any adults of CODA. Thanks to FCC that hearing people understanding the system.. no cost! WOW. what Marlee Matlin has approaching new system fought for the deaf rights. Marlee Matlin has some authorization to make things better for the deaf. Marlee Matlin has an issues that you all don’t know the fact that she made things easier for the deaf. She dealt with many deaf poverty, and deaf community to help out for the better
    atomspheres. Marlee Matlin isn’t against the deaf rights- she learned so many, many things that we the deaf people couldn’t face
    proper introduction to the hearing world. She, herself an education expose to teach things better and change for the better.
    Leave that be the way we honor in Marlee Matlin’s their action has been succeed to create and make an acquaintance of helping others.. in an education and society in an easy way for the deaf.

    If you have the problem with me, Tar. face it .. you don’t really know about Marlee Matlin- Antony Natale, Bernard Bragg, and Richard Luczak .. their action has been made the deaf rights easier and for the better..

  89. As a former co-worker with Marlee Matlin within the film as an extra, I’ve admired Marlee’s varied acting works all in my life. I do not have any bitter toward to Marlee. In fact, I applause her work effort. I applause her dream to make it big. I applause her asking congress to pass a couple of the important law in connection to people with disabilities. Big thanks to Marlee!

    I am sorry to say this….I know too many deaf people out there are being too lazy by milking the money out of Gov’t, in particular SSI. As a former employment counselor for the deaf people, I am appalled to see they won’t show up at the job interviews for a couple of times. They should have rolled up their sleeves, and work hard to achieve their wildest dream. It is safe for me to say that you have lots of potential to make this far. You can dream big just like Marlee. Just don’t put yourself in Marlee’s way. It is your life that you are supposed to concentrate on.

  90. Pst….

    There are more than 1400 supporters for Marlee Matlin to win the Dance with Stars at Facebook….check it out!

  91. I can’t stand Marlee! What a snob! And does everyone notice how she makes every episode about deaf people? What a foolish idea!

    I am a diversity professor at a major university and she is doing a disservice to those who are deaf first, by speaking for all, and second, for being so conceited and dismissive (rolling of eyes).

    As a business owner and marketing specialist, she would do well to target other audiences as the deaf audience is so small. Her commercial didn’t pull on my heart strings and I doubt it did others.

    She may have some talent as an actress, although I haven’t seen or heard of her outside of reality TV, but she is not a very pleasant or wise person/businesswoman.

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