Clarify up about my vlog for Marlee Matlin




~ by Tar2006 on March 20, 2008.

19 Responses to “Clarify up about my vlog for Marlee Matlin”

  1. Great vlog, Tar!

    I already knew that you supported MM and that your previous vlog was not anti-MM. I knew that you were making specific points.

    One of the problems with the Internet is people jump to conclusions too quickly. I think some people read your headline (“Marlee Matlin, Enough!”) and they assumed it was anti-MM, but they were wrong.

    Some people want to make culturally Deaf people look bad, so they jump on any culturally Deaf person, such as yourself, and make accusations against you. People who are anti-Deaf culture have been doing this for a long, long time, in order to continue the oppression against culturally Deaf people so that the pathological model of deafness can be continued.

  2. You are much better and nicer! Imporatnt, stay humble and just learn from past experience! We all preserve whatever we do in our own minority groups. Life is too short and sweet…

  3. I am just want to make a comment on part of your vlog. You said when Matlin as actress in a movie, she use mixture of languages. It is little bit of incorrect because she has no choice on choice which language she should use because it is director’s decision. Also, you have seen tv show Dance with the Stars, she didn’t use other language to communicate, she simple use ASL and interpreter as usually. My point is you probably should not make an assume on actors and actresses on which language they should use, you probably should talk to directors of the movies.

  4. I hope to encourage all HOH, oral, and CI to make the journey Deaf culture and ASL because they don’t know about ASL as language and learn Deaf culture including Deafhood that structures the identity of deaf not hearing people.

    I see eye to eye with what anonymous said.

  5. Leaving MM in the last part of the show is actually a big compliment for MM. They save the best for the last, so the viewers will stay to the end instead of leaving early.

    About the language contact, have you thought that MM really may not have any choice? It’s the director that determines how the actors/actresses communicate in the show.

  6. I agree with you and I got your clearly what you are talking about MM…I understood you!

  7. Hey Tar,

    Let you know that you did NOT do anything wrong from a start. It doesn’t matter if you support her or not that is none of anyone’s business. All I see your effort to emphasize the reasonable valid points. You feel it s enough of her too much that I don’t blame you for it. Since she is not the first Deaf movie star anyhow or was received a honorary degree from Gallaudet University that is a real conflict of interest. That’s why I wrote to explain it clear as I agreed with you completely. I won’t change anything that is what I have said it in your other blog which is

    I strongly feel Linda Bove, Deaf Educator is the one most important Deaf person of the Deaf community, who makes a big difference that taught many Hearing children to learn ASL. It’s a real Deaf Education for Hearing people who wants to interact with Deaf people that is a very positive outlook. It also helps Deaf children to learn from Sesame Street with ASL that is a positive outlook again. She did it for Deaf children’s rightful to have ASL in National Television on her purpose of goal for them to have it in their childhood’s life. πŸ˜‰ That is a real positive outlook of our Deaf Visual languages of the Deaf community in this society.

    Deaf languages of the Deaf community in this society, that is a big huge difference to have real communication between Deaf and Hearing whether Deaf children can or can’t speak in their Deaf voices that is a speech impairment that people could or couldn’t understand us very well. So that s what it triggers to see we are in a big mess in our Deaf school all along because of giving them the wrong impression about us being able to be a Shadow HEARING person who can hear the spoken language alone without ASL. Scoffs! . For pete’s sake! This is real absurd and outrageous for us tolerate with to have many very negative reinforcements toward Deaf children/Deaf adults/Deaf/Hearing parents of Deaf children with ASL in our Deaf Education for so many years that needs to be stopped NOW. Jeez!

    All I can say I am not going to hide my true feelings that I am having a MIXED feelings about her. I just don’t like her audist attitude because it’s not a great Deaf Role Model of the Deaf community that is showing that it’s not a real Deaf heart from her. I am glad she has some talents that is great, meanwhile it s not her real being deaf herself to be shown a true color all along.

    I am not impressed by her own attitude toward Deaf people that you don’t even know the truth. It’s the fact matter of health reason for someone who need to get something to eat from the refreshment table as she told them NO not right now as she was being control over them. So A eldery Deaf woman stood up and went to get some cookies (sweet foods). She gave this Deaf lady few cookies for her to relieve her diabetics. Marlee should not have done it that reminds me of Audism treats Deaf children like a second citizen that makes me sick in my stomach. Marlee needs to mind her own business whatever Deaf people do or did it that is not her rightful to step over Deaf’s boundary anytime if people mind.

    Marlee do not hear the spoken language that can speak so it’s no difference from me and many other Deafies. So what is it so impressive all about her speech only that gives many parents the wrong idea about being deaf! That is the way Alexander Graham Bell’s demands no sign language. Speech is intelligble. American Sign Language is no good that is still going on nowadays as you saw how CI created into more problem for Deaf community lately. So be it!

    Thank you for not giving it up as well as I am still standing for what I sticked to it since I don’t see anything wrong from you or myself as a Deaf people s truth. of our true expression in a very honest approach. No more passive or hiding your true feelings that you want to express it out of your system that IS OKAY. No one can stop you from your own freedom of speech whether is negative or positive thinkings.

    Be yourself as it should be. πŸ˜‰

    Thank you!

  8. Hi

    great vlog!!! cool! πŸ™‚

    you look like Barb DiGi. is she your sister ?

  9. Why can not MM educate her director or producer that her role as Graphic Dessigner’a role in that movie would NOT call the kid to interpret for her. That real insulted to deaf people who is graphic designer. It is ok for deaf who do not get enough education to ask the kid to interpreter BUT as graphic designer, I do not think so. MM is clear idiot to let director or producer to tell her to act to ask the kid to interpret for HER! It was when she was in the classroom why not write down on the damn board?!

  10. I wholeheartedly agree with you when you are discussing a mixture
    of languages. Unheard of English and ASL simultaneously. Very matter-of-factly, ABC’s Barbara Walters asked Miss America Heather Whitestone why she did not use ASL. To which Miss Whitestone replied: “Can you speak French and English at the
    same time?” Miss Walters learned something (!) from her. So when
    I watched MM and Sanchez very carefully, I realised that MM did not use her voice. She must MOUTH voicelessly. In nothing time
    flat did I email my hearing friend downstairs. She emaailed back, “She used no voice.” MM has become acquainted with the Deaf Community better and better AFTER she won an oscar. In fact, she is an advocate of Deaf Culture according to several
    commericals on TV several years ago.

    Fret not. πŸ˜€

  11. Right on, Brain Riley. Thank you for saying it aloud. πŸ˜‰

  12. i guess part of the reason why people may jump to conculsions on your last vlog was because it was so frickin long. I admit, i didnt see the whole thing; just to the point where you said “please dont get in an uproar over this”. i wish Vlogs have FF buttons…

  13. hey good vlogs!
    I agree with previous coment that if we want to have a better representation of the deaf community we need to confront the driectors, not the actors. Actors do what they are told its how they make a living. Hopefully we are close to seeing more true ASL and Deaf Pride in film, but for that we need to educate and break out into the hearing communitys more. not only stay in deaf communitys. I like you discusion Tar (thumbs up)

  14. hey MZ, by putting MM in the last, i was fighting to stay awake for the whole show! whew i was about to falling asleep but when MM was finally on the floor, i was full awake!…wavinghands, 3rd place, nice start MM!!! πŸ™‚

  15. Tar,
    your comment make me think clear and you have to relaized that not point that Iam ability to read lips and speak is not important. Iam very comfortable with ASL is true natural for me.
    my eyes do read body language,facial expression and gestures is very clear to understand that what my natural expression ASL is my true gift. I do respect Marlee Matlin have her well done with her dancing. I think she is trying to show hearing people that she can dance. I hope she will able to reach hearing people that she is trying to be example of her skills and her acting career. I respect who she is. of course she is human being.

  16. Give up here .. I can’t read here! Think of Deaf with limited vision! sigh …

  17. Hello Tar!
    I know what you tried tell us that you want that MM need not use ” I can lip reading and talking” she should just keep be cool let them find out that she can talk and reading lip simple. AS LONG AS she doing great show them with ASL.

    Joshua “Vampbat” Womick

  18. Your first said Marlee enough enough enough. Now your second Vlog…you sound like you felt guilty… You said Marlee is speaking and lipread will rude deaf community, deaf confusing, blah blah blah. I am Oral and Lipread including ASL. Nothing is wrong with speaking and lipread. Thats deaf persons make choice to speaking and lipread. You should support who deaf persons are???? Can you agree with me???? I don’t think so. So did you watch Marlee danced on TV. Did she speak???? No she used ASL through interpreter. Thats her choice to speaking or using ASL!!!

  19. There is much deaf oppression by deaf and it’s not the audist deaf, it’s the ASL Deaf who criticize other deaf for being good at lipreading and speaking. jealous? If a Deaf is good at lipreading, they are automatically bad by the rest of the Deaf community. Deaf oppressing deaf is just as bad. There is no ONE right way. Yes deaf children should be taught ASL AND ENGLISH both and should not be criticized for being good at both. Most interviews I’ve seen show Marlee signing ..and many time her interpreter voice WRONG for her. If you had a choice between speaking so a person would understand you clear or using an interpreter who might voice wrong for you on national TV, which would you choose? Marlee still chooses ASL when she could use voice. Quit oppressing other Deaf with your Manualist attitudes.

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