Response to Raychelle about “CI”




~ by Tar2006 on March 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “Response to Raychelle about “CI””

  1. Great response…encouraging to accept everyone, no matter what their backgrounds are.

    Yeah, in the future CI will be making up largely of the deaf community. That is why we have to embrace them…when we show our acceptance to them, they will come to us. It will happen one day in the near future.

  2. Good point! I got your word.. wink! I’m move on and give it up discuss about CI anymore. Feel welcome them but I’m angry about babies on CI.. I feel sorry for them. dang!!

  3. The Key is stay on Sign “ASL” in no matter what type they are
    Deaf + CI + ASL + DeafBlind + Cue + Coda + HOH = Communication ASL is the Answer for each other to UNDERSTANDING!


  4. Those with cochlear implants will not be making up a large part of the community any time soon. There is over 27 million people with a hearing loss and there is only 120,000 of us with CI’s. There is still a matter of people ability to get them due to insurance or what have you. I just wish we could just accept each other no matter what we have been exposed to.

    Diversity is a beautiful thing.

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