As Deaf Mentor




~ by Tar2006 on April 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “As Deaf Mentor”

  1. Hi there–yes, parents have a process to go thru. Sometimes their lives are not filled with respect therefore don’t know how to give respect to their D/deaf or hard of hearing children. Communication and daily contact for communication is important plus other things related. I have one question–what were you signing ‘pipe-share’? Otherwise, you’ve made your points clear on vlog and shared us with your experiences as a Deaf mento. Each family is unique in their own way they give love regardless of conditions family face etc. Often times the mother is the one that will be bare the responsibility of communication instead of each family member communicating for themselves. When there is lack of communication and must depend on an interpreter–sometimes it sends a mixed signal that the D/deaf child is not accepted at the home as an equal as if s/he were hearing. Sigh–did you interpret what the mother said in her despair, disappointment and anger? I’ve mixed feelings….

  2. It was quite an interesting experience for you. I wonder what happen to the boy. Is he still with his family or has he moved on to a different life for himself? It is really too bad that the family insisted on their belief system on their children, and apparently, the mother believed that she did the best for her children. I remember one family going to church on Saturdays, so they did not allow their deaf son to socialize with deaf people. He grew up and married a deaf lady of same religion, but now he is socializing with deaf people on Saturdays, so apparently he came to deal with it on his own.

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