Rescue DeafRead!




~ by Tar2006 on April 14, 2008.

20 Responses to “Rescue DeafRead!”

  1. I am not against Ci, oral or any deaf people.

    But I want to see DeafRead to have all deaf people that have good positive ATTITUDE.

    An attitude that promotes bilingual.

    If a deaf person not fluency in ASL or don’t know sign language but want to be part of deaf culture, that is good attitude.

    But if a deaf person belittle visual language(ASL) and say auditory only language is better, then that person got a bad attitude and is in the wrong place,

  2. Good recommendations! We’re all deaf, regardless whether we have a CI, a HA, or nothing at all. We’re all deaf, regardless whether we speak or sign. Use ASL, PSE, SEE, etc…

    Different sections would help alleviate the growing negativity, while still giving the community as a whole the ability to share their input. It would also make navigating the blog/vlog-sphere a little easier.

  3. Hello tar, readers and commenters, be sure to see this post.

  4. Tar!

    Finally at last! I do love your magic at the end. 😉

    Well done on your presentation.

    I watched someone who mentioned about rejecting the CIs from the Deafread is a graduate student in counseling. This person *MUST* be very careful about his reputation and his future career.

    Here it is:

    I embrace any CI users with or without ASL to welocome into the DR. I have learned a great deal from them.

  5. I think we LOST DR now… I stopped checking DR because they are CI-centered. It is not Deaf-centered.

    Bye bye DR.

  6. Gallaudet University educates deaf people to embrace the diversity of people. I realise that some schools have not
    educated deaf students to do the same. People with CI are as human as people SANS CI. What we combat against is audism. It
    is the numero uno enemy of deaf people.

    Bury Audism

  7. Love your new camera!

  8. Rachel’s blog can’t accept my comment. I said, I want DBC to continue harassing AGB and DBC has to fight for help accessing deaf babies and children.

  9. WG, wow I learned a new word today!

  10. White Ghost is nuts. Mike Schmidt is going to be a fine counselor for speaking up his mind. You do not want to go to a counselor who is a hypocrite and supports pathological views of deaf people. We can embrace CI people, but we should not embrace pahthological views. We are tired of hearing things about ears, ears, ears, ears, ears. Enough is enough. Time for us to protest DeafRead. Find ourselves a new home.

  11. Susan —

    It is sad that everybody knows Mike. I would not hire him if he is an anti-CI. Many agencies and companies expect him to accept and work with the CI clients. Sadly, he admitted that he is an anti-CI.

    He has to prove that he is accepting any CI users. Pathological view does not mean anything.

    Damaging is damaging.

  12. White Ghost, if you keep going with this slander, I’m going to take legal action. I said it time and time again that people will do what they want to do anyway and it’s something I don’t necessarily agree with. I believe that ASL intervention early in life is the best way. Therefore, What I’m against is C.I. blogs that are anti-ASL and the cohorts like you behind them. This is my final post as I have better things to do this week.

  13. White ghost, if a counselor says he is a pro ci, he still is not neutral. Anti CI or pro CI counselors will work with whoever needs counseling. Nobody is neutral.

  14. Susan,

    I want to point out is that I never seen any counselors or psychologists to post/expose their personal views about anti-CIs with or without ASL. If they keep their personal views about anti-CIs with or without ASL into a confidential way, they don’t have to post the blogs. They want to keep their reputation and their job alive.

    For example, there is a *big* if. For example, if Candy *keep* her confidential about her personal view on anti-CIs with or without ASL, I would send my CI child to her for some help.

    It is about trust and confidential. I hope it helps to understand better, Susan.

    Psychologists and counselors should be keep confidential when they work with the clients.

    That is very important.

  15. White Ghost, once again, I’m still a student in training and you continue to make assumptions about me. You don’t even know me. What I do here is at my own personal time away from schools or whatever and I’m entitled to an opinion or a stance. I have way more experiences than you do. I have credentials in counseling various deaf populations and I am capable to consider each person on a case by case basis. Political issues are out the window when I get down to it. One advantage for me is that I have both cultural and pathological training and of course, client confidentiality is number one in my book. I have experience in the auditory-speech aspect as well as psychological. So, I hate to come down to your level but you’re just a rude person who take pleasure in smearing and pulling people down like me, a poster child of crab theory and you continue to do this for months. BTW, Susan, thank you. Back to biz.

  16. Mike,

    I felt very hurt that you warned and took a legal action against me.

    I am very afraid of you.

    I am very sorry, Mike.

  17. Hello,
    I want to back-up Mike. I understood how Mike and White Ghost’s feel. I respect both’s opinion and both of you have a right to express about what you think of them.

    I personally agreed with Mike in the all ways but this all the point that Mike does speak the truth. Again, I had to force myself to remain neutral position for Deaf’s diversity.
    Good discussion tho..

  18. Tar —

    I am glad that you took your own opinion. It is okay for you to disagree with me. That is fine with me. There are many issues that I disagree with you but I respect for who you are. It’s a part of good and healthy discussion. I honestly am glad you straightforwarded to me.

    I’ve always liked what you are doing some magic tricks at the end. 🙂

  19. I grew up oral. I learned SEE and ASL. My speech and lipread are not 100% like hearing. I can speak and lipread to my hearing family only. Lots of my deaf good friends (ASL, SEE, mainstream, etc) are not against me. But some of them are against me and talked ugly bad negative about me. I ignored them.

    Thanks GOD to my hearing parents did not want me to use CI. I used to wear hearing aids. ASL/SEE/PSE, oral, mainstream, CI, and cued speech are ALWAYS deaf.

  20. Tar,
    It’s me KW. I missed this vlog earlier because I’ve been trying to stay out of the DeafRead debates. I’m glad you feel as you do though. I strongly support unity of all Deaf/deaf/HH peoples no matter how they choose to communicate. I am very definitely in the middle and can see all sides. I very much like some deaf vloggers and also some CI bloggers. It’s so hard to take sides. I just want everyone to get along.

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