What is Deaf’s Language?




~ by Tar2006 on May 9, 2008.

25 Responses to “What is Deaf’s Language?”

  1. Thank you. This is beautiful. A masterpiece!
    Right, respect ASL, but if wanna learn, welcome!


  2. What a beauty presentation. Simple. powerful.

    thank you

  3. this is beautiful wow. ASL!

  4. BEAUTIFUL! You did a masterpiece! I agree!

    Love ya!! Kathleen


  6. Thank you! Sorry I was not able to send you my vlog. Your project is beautiful!

  7. Tar!!! well done!!!

    I tell you what? even though many who loved ASL are not in it, but still COUNT!!!!! like Toby said above didn’t get in but he still part of it anyway!!! Anyone who love ASL and didn’t get themselves in it, still part of it!!!!!

    Good job!
    Gary 😉

  8. Goose bumps! Truly beautiful!

  9. #1 Masterpiece!

  10. ASL awakens in your life
    and starts to blossom
    without hesitating!
    You did a powerful presentation and went alll the way to TOP!
    ASL…Kisssss ASL….

  11. Nice to see variety of faces that contributed. The one with the skull was a bit creepy. 🙂 I have an ‘s’ at the end of my last name but that’s alright. LOL!!!



  13. I can’t find mine! Included RR’s ASL .. lol

  14. Richard Roehm is a fake! He’s an enemy of Deaf Culture.

  15. Simply as that ASL – come up in 1977’s (thanks to William Stokoe) that our primary language! Long Live ASL!

  16. ASL is…

    Our Language.

    Our Pride.

    Our Culture.

    ASL Rocks!

  17. Wonderful!!!
    Seeing all ppl’s … ASL…
    Ouchy, Surprise.. Richard said.. Whoa.. He has two masks…
    ASL is powerful tools!!!
    ASL is the best for us all.

  18. Richard R ASL ??? LOL dont think so

  19. A change of heart for Richard Roehm maybe. Encourage him support ASL.

    Shawn R.

  20. Also, I like it when it started with Bernard Braggs… I think it is cool to have him first to begin with!!

    Still a masterpiece! deafk

  21. Wow.. I love this video.. You did wonderful collection of it.. 🙂


  22. Wow.. I love this video.. You did wonderful collection of it.. 🙂


  23. Wow, it’s really awesome! Like ASL handwave style! Thanks for your time doing this!! (and your patience!)

  24. Hey Tar,
    I really kiss fist you. Great job! Thumbs up!!
    I saw Richard Roehm’s video. Who is that guy wearing a mask of Richard Roehm’s face? I’d like to know where I can get one of those masks. Which store or order it online? I really like the mask. I wonder if Richard has see the video of the person using likeness? I have got to get one of those masks for Halloween.
    That will be so cool!
    Thumbs up!!
    Bobby L.

  25. Thank you, all!
    I am sorry for delay in respond because I have been busy lately! Hee hee =-)

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