In position defense of Amy Cohen & Gary Brooks




~ by Tar2006 on May 13, 2008.

14 Responses to “In position defense of Amy Cohen & Gary Brooks”

  1. Your effects really made me LMAO, good way to get my attention. Your point of VLOG is powerful.
    Looks like Matt is playing with our minds and express our feelings about choosing hearing actor to do Matt’s role is bit upsetting. Is Matt trying to look for easier life and making Matt looks good that in movie about him was his ability to speak well making his audience get the wrong idea that all Deafies can speak well…? Sigh!
    BTW, if you are speaking of Aidan Mack, it is not Adrian (Deaf Roger’s twin brother) 😉

  2. I haven’t had a chance to make a comment about this whole Matt Hamill business, and just now I watched your vlog. You, along with many others, are quite correct about how Deaf roles should go to Deaf actors. I wanted to share this story with you and the DeafRead readers – in the late 1980’s, I was a part of a Deaf advocacy group in Hollywood. We were upset that a show called “The Equalizer” had just hired Cynthia Nixon (YES, the very same one of the Sex in the City fame) for a lead guest Deaf role. So, during our discussion on how will we write our letter to the producers of “The Equalizer”, we were discussing the fact how FEW Deaf roles there were – based on this true fact, those FEW Deaf roles should always go to Deaf actors, because at that time we had OVER 100 starving PROFESSIONAL Deaf actors!! I’m not kidding here. Also, Hollywood at that time and since then HAS not hired Deaf actors for “general” roles or small roles (that could be for anybody!) that they could perform.

    And then something unbelievable happened. One of our Deaf starving actors let us know that there were open auditions for a Deaf (mute) role for a new show called “Young Riders”, and again a hearing actor was hired for the role. I decided to rush over to the producer’s office and have a talk with the producer about hiring a hearing actor. That producer, I forgot his name, was a nice man and listened. We wrote on a legal pad back and forth, and he made a deal – because he had already hired that actor, he decided to remove “Deaf” from that role and made the character mute. He thanked me later because it made perfect sense, since the show was a 19th century Western. So, DEALS can be worked out. Like Gary Brooks said in his show, Matt Hamill could re-consider this whole business. Like Aidan Mack said, it is all up to Matt Hamill to make decisions.

    One more thing – this one is for Aidan Mack. She mentioned “Stone Deaf” and “True Deaf” in her most recent vlog. These two were student-produced plays BY Deaf Studies majors / students, and the Department of Deaf Studies at CSUN encourages hearing Deaf Studies students to participate in student plays because this gives them a chance to master their ASL as well as their interpreting skills. These two ARE NOT professional theatre, NOR are they professional films.

    Thanks, Tar and everyone else for their opinions and discussions on this whole business.

  3. I am very happy that you have to speak in defense of Amy and Gray. Amy did the right thing what she wrote in her blogger and signed vlogger. ASL and Deaf culture movie are very important.

    Aidan, you should respect both Gallaudet and NTID/RIT has to the rights to cancel the auditions. I support NTID/RIT which made their decision. You are stupid about deleting comments their freedom of speech in your vlog. You always tell us about the cochlear implant is dangerous and harmful to children but most of the parents already know cochlear implants may carry risk of meningitis. If Matt Hamill receives a cochlear implant, you will respect his decision.

  4. Oops.. (Gallaudet and NTID/RIT has the rights to cancel)

    Ooops again… (support Gallaudet and NTID/RIT which made their decision)

    Aidan love Matt’s dick.

  5. Your sister Barb DiGi?

  6. Double cheers to Tar!!!!!!!!!


  7. “Matt Hamill is probably the most dishonest, greedy, self-absorbed loser in the sport. Dealing with him first hand, I’ve realized that he has lied to sponsors, friends, and coaches to further his wallet size.”

    “That being said, Matt is probably the only one that has lied repeatedly to our business and those that were close to us. He is also not man enough to reply to anyone that he’s screwed in the process.”

  8. Too young. You are still learning. You will realize it when you are senior citizen. You need to study business courses. Deaf market won’t work. Hearing actor will help movie market, to get Hollywood’s attention $$$$$. Your suggestion will lose Matt’s business income in movie. Deaf movies NEVER succeeded in movie market because Deaf population is TOO SMALL! can’t recover the expenses. Simple! This world is for $$$. Accept the reality. You can fight or voice out when you have $$$ million dollars.

  9. DEAF CULTS are dangerous. They can brainwash you, out of reality world. Be careful.

  10. Dan, ORAL DEAF CULTS are dangerous. They can brainwash you, out of reality world. Be careful

  11. Another excellent video!

    Click here to watch Jerome’s original video

  12. ASL are dangerous. They can brainwash you. Oral/CI are BEST and respecting. You all deaf/ASL grew up school for the deaf are low esteem, low minded narrow, negative against hearing, oral/CI, blah blah blah…I am supporting Aidan Mack. She is the BEST Gal.

  13. Good material for further discussion, Tar. However, I just wanted to point out something that I have seen here numerous times and in some of your other vlogs: Ms. Mack’s first name is AIDAN. Drop the “R” because that’s a guy’s name! Lol….

  14. Hello,

    This is a long letter to all and I hope this will present the feeling from my soul as a child and my child’s voice want to say something here…

    Aidan, Amy, Gary, and the fans…

    As I am reading the discussion here about Matt Hamill’s story with a hearing actor taking his role. I can see agreement and disagreement on who should be acting for Matt. You know, we can argue on and on with the characters that is Deaf and should be performed by a Deaf Actor. I am sitting here and I can jump and say “yeah you’re right” or “Yeah, you’re wrong.” Seem we can’t agree on something on how, who, what, and why we need Deaf actor for Deaf character. You know, there too much flying words here and I keep reading the firing words to each other and sign language. There is one thing that Amy have mention as Matt is the role model for the young Deaf people and how it is important for Deaf children to look up.

    Aidan Mack have presented a short history in film business and with the role of “painting” black over white in theatre and film. There are more to just that history and time is changing. There is just one word here for the argument sake and that is P.C….Politically Correct

    Well, let’s take a look at the history in OUR (Deaf) time with Theatre and Film…Name me the actors that is Deaf and how many is there that we know? I know Marlee Matlin, Bernard Bragg, Garnville Redmond (with Charlie Chaplin), Linda Bove, and Terrylene. I just know them because they were on movie or in T.V. Plus; they are well known across the America and around the world.

    There is a little deaf child inside me that remind me and the true feeling of this deaf child that want to share with you. I sit here and listen to myself. I’m thinking this simple question…Who was my first deaf person that I first knew? My first real exposure of a deaf hero is…as I can remember this….it was Kitty O’Neill. She doesn’t use sign language and she use oral but I didn’t cares about that! I just want to see if a deaf person can do something for life. This was my first story of a deaf hero that a deaf person did something great. I remember there was a T.V. program back in the 1970’s about Kitty O’Neill; showing her in a rocket car with a speed records and her stunt work in the movies. It was awesome! My family was exciting and I was being able to see the true story of her on T.V. I was so thrill to see it and that lighten my heart and my dream. My family show great support and anything to influence me to dream for the future. I want to do what she did.

    Some time later, my family jump up with thrill that the actor who performed for Kitty O’Neill will be on another show…a movie. I was exciting and I want to see it! That actor did a movie called… “Grease.” Yup, that same actor! I went to see it with my family and I watch it very closely and all of the sudden, I realized that wasn’t the same actor that I saw. I told my family that it isn’t the same one. They told, yes it was, and it’s the same one! I watch closely and it WAS the same one. She was singing and dancing away and she have no resembled as a deaf person. I hated the show so much and felt betrayed by the actor. I turn around and told the family that she is a fake and the movie was suck! This lead to my punishment! “Go to your room!”

    I was angry and bitter. My family didn’t understand what the big deal about the actor. It is a big DEAL and I was young. My first discovery was the actor was hearing, not deaf. It took me a long time to overcome the feeling and my oldest questions that stuck with me since 1970’s was…“When will there be a real deaf actor that take the right role?” “Can I be an actor?” “If there a black actor that take a black role and if there a female actor that take a female role, why can’t we do the same?” “Forget it, I don’t see how a deaf actor do well in career” Remember, this is in the 1970’s.

    You’re right Aidan, it is a sticky situation for T.V. and Film business but how long will there be a time that we finally see a deaf actor who can deliver the greatest story and a role model to the young children? Do I have to wait another 10 year until we finally see the right one? Will there be another disappointment deaf child for today and on to future?

    I guess we still have a long way to go. I’m not here to pull anyone here or knock someone off or saying you are all wrong or right on this issue but think about my feeling from a deaf child during the 1970’s and today for the young. It’s the question of ….when?

    Don’t worry; I do see rising deaf actors in T.V. and in film. I do like the “Grease.” I forgave myself for that but still; it has the impact in my life.

    Thank you for your time to read this!

    Good discussion here!

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