I’m on DIET, are you?




~ by Tar2006 on July 16, 2008.

5 Responses to “I’m on DIET, are you?”

  1. Good luck! I stopped eating after dinner snack 30 years ago so I didn’t become fat. Eating out causes weight gain. My husband & I lost a lot of weight since we stopped eating out in April and we eat less due the hardship we have for the last few months.

    Again…Good luck!

  2. you need to find something to keep busy at nighttime so you dont think about food. watching tv tends to make you hungry. if you do workout at nighttime, that makes you hungry for sure. drink water or tea without sugar might help. i am not diet. so i am no help. 🙂

  3. Hi Tar, I plan to set up a site called Deaf Weight Loss for all deaf with their weight problem that they want to lose some pounds off can join in and go from there where we all can share whatever. I’ll let you know the name of site once I am done set them up. If you have any suggestion for site, let me know. I have put my email information in your private of mail, so hope you got it.


  4. Lisa – You’re lucky! =-)

    h – I think I had too many stuff on my mind and need to eat up to get my enegry going up, you know?

    Amy – Great! I am looking forward to see your new program fot Deaf Weight Loss and let me know ASAP! =-)

  5. yes, I neeeeed to be on diet, too! I neeeeed to lost about ten pounds! Good idea not to eat some dessert or snack before bedtime. Thanks, Tar. I’ll try 🙂

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