Lack of Presidential Candidates now…






~ by Tar2006 on July 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “Lack of Presidential Candidates now…”

  1. Ha…McCain would be a president!? What a joke! You’re wrong. Remember my words: Obama will be a president. Don’t be a sore Clinton loser.

  2. Let’s see.. There is no such of Clinton loser, you’re just blind the facts of justice.

  3. Only thing that you need to remember is our country is democracy. So, nothing bad will happen to our country, even if President Bush stay in the office for other term. Also, the other characteristics that we need to look at candidates are knowledge and intelligence. Young people may have more knowledge and intelligence than older people. Therefore, experience and ages should be not consider as a big deal in presidential race. Also, since Barack Obama is eligible to be a president of the country, then he can run for the office.

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