Response to: Open Vlog to DBC Leaders






~ by Tar2006 on July 16, 2008.

4 Responses to “Response to: Open Vlog to DBC Leaders”

  1. You have a wonderful attitude that is what other young leaders need to follow. Hope to see all leaders will move on and work together as a team again.

  2. Darn it…too late to prevent from spreading out to the hearing parents of deaf child(ren) in late 1989’s. Also, Deaf volunteers or Deaf mentors should be hired when Deaf child(ren) were born to the hearing parents. They could teach them sign language and Deaf culture in the process of the childhood time. Now, it is screwed up. DBC, CI, and AGB, oral, mute Deaf, hard of hearing are no good in one. How to solve this problem. I wish we can kick AGB out of the street. AGB is the key…It is still laughing forever.

    Please stand up and fight, DBC. 🙂

  3. Beautiful Message!

    Praise Lord for his sovereign!

  4. Thank you! With an attitude is the key to win the debate. I know it isn’t about to win or lose but it is about what is a good choice to make a decision.

    Californian, DBC is doing well and they will adjust to next better level and shouldn’t be the problem at all.

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