Sweet and Simple.. Gas too high?!?




~ by Tar2006 on July 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sweet and Simple.. Gas too high?!?”

  1. My a main opinion about the gas price is it is not a problem. Look at countries in Europe, the price in there is about double of what we have in America. Very few problems are occurring in Europe that regard to gas price like protesting truckers.

    Anyway, what I am seeing about rising gas price is I see many good thing about it. For example, it will reduce amount of using automobile, which is also meanings will produce less traffic on roads. Moreover, less car on road mean less maintenance and accidents.

    Other thing is wasting. Most Americans don’t preserve resources. From my opinion and perspective, rising price will help people to reconsider and alert on their using of resources.

    There are many advantages things that I think will be happens to the country with rising price of gas.

    Feel free to correct what I am saying above, and I am willing to see your side of the discussion.

  2. Tar
    I hate to say this summer 2009. Gas price would be close to $5 dollars. Don’t be surprise if it true.

    Best is buy car that get 30 or high mpg.

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