Ben Vess, Word of Encourage.. =-)




~ by Tar2006 on July 17, 2008.

7 Responses to “Ben Vess, Word of Encourage.. =-)”

  1. who are care u not need one thanks lot ! undy

  2. Tar, why not remove the first response here? Makes no sense and there’s an obvious intent to inflame there, tho. So as a responsible vlogger like Tayler sez: Remove the trash. Thanks

  3. Tar, I am hetersexual guy and I think I am in love with you! LOL! You are one of reason why I did not remove DR from my favorite list.

    DeafRead Reader

  4. Hello Enaid1413 aka Diane, Do you know what mean ” Encourage ” ? I am encourage him not to cross the line. Nothing wrong. =-)

    DT – Hello, my blog is a free zone as long it isn’t bashing with swear/cuss. =-)

    DR Reader – Lol! Thank you. I tried to stay balance sometime like.. Using my time to make vlog for any subject. I love to debate! Keep up to catch thing up! =-)

  5. Can you please e mail me at and I want to ask you something personal. 🙂

  6. I agreeKH

  7. I should email u about it.

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