My perspective on Cochlear Implant & my new qoute




~ by Tar2006 on July 17, 2008.

7 Responses to “My perspective on Cochlear Implant & my new qoute”

  1. Your quote good one, yes it is true, in a thunderstorm, we see lightning before we hear or felt the sounds of thunder.
    I see your Vlog on Deafread, perhaps up there in the top ten list.
    Deaf Anthology

  2. From what I have seen AGBell organization and members, they appear not really much negative counter apart from Deaf Community. The Deaf Community endured many negatives, so it thrives in Deaf Read as we have seen. Back to the AGBell, they’re so positive and obsessed with hearing/speech miracles, unfortunately money and technology levitate their influence and growth.

    However, I am glad you brought new issue and breath to move on from previous few days ago whew. To me bit of exciting on Deaf Read as an audience 😛 In my opinion, they had nailed some really heavy issues, and yet overlapped with heavy emotional to lost the causes. Oh well, yea move on and heed to healthy discouragements. Be well!

  3. Smokey, thank you for agree with me. Your quote is good to use for example too.

    Sage – Most of percent is that AGBELL member don’t know what the behind is going on. The basically that AGBELL organization does cross a lot of line in the behind of scene for instance, send the complaint letter to Pepsi about ASL.

  4. Thanks for being clear about being anti-CI. We need more Deaf people come out and say they do not support and explain why.

  5. I agree with you… Most Deaf people say the same, anti-CI. Yet many people misunderstand and think we are against them. We have made it clear often that we are not against the people BUT the idea. I don’t know why we aren’t understood….


  6. Dude… This is Jonathan Lewis from Gallaudet and I’m with you all the way on this! I agree with you on pretty much everything you said! In fact, this fall I plan to produce a couple of thought-provoking film works about hearing aids and cochlear implants. The more we use them, the more we actually contribute to and unknowingly support the ideology behind it… It’s going to be a trip. Dude, when are you coming back to Gallaudet?! Haha.

    Oh yeah, don’t forget to check out MTV’s True Life: I’m Deaf on July 20th, at 1 pm. It’s about two young deaf people that go through the CI surgery. Honestly, it should be called “True Life: I’m Getting an Cochlear Implant.” We’ll see. Take care and keep vlogging! I gotta set up my own vlog website, shit! 🙂

  7. JD – Thank you, I am trying to remain with my professional opinion and it is hard for me to avoid the heat. You know..

    Allison Tyler – Perfect exmaple what you just talking about. It is why we need to education ourselves and help others to get to that point. Thank you

    Jonathan Lewis – Hiya! It is been long time since Gallaudet University. Thank you for agree with me on that point and it is great to know that you’re planning to making more film on that kind of topic and I am looking forward to that! =-)
    I am not sure about returning Gallaudet University yet because I need to explore my future career and I need to decide where my fate will direct to it.
    Yes, I am planning to watch MTV’s True Life: I’m Deaf and others and thank you for reminding me.. =-D
    You NEED to get more vlogs often and I am looking forward to see yours! Take care too..

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