Everyone, time to dialogue




~ by Tar2006 on July 19, 2008.

13 Responses to “Everyone, time to dialogue”

  1. wow you are only 20 yo you are wise for your age… great vlog… i am proud of you… \o/

  2. Is dialogue a verb now ?

  3. http://teachthemasses.wordpress.com/

  4. lol at teachthemasses. I was thinking the same thing.

  5. h – Thank you! I just made another vlog for that and I hope it is going be my last vlog about DBC in there. =-)

    teachthemasses/Rachel – English is not my first language. We, human have some error with English grammar. As long, we understand what we’re talking about. Thank you.

  6. Rachel,
    please respect him. It’s like when you’re making fun of someone’s second language or someone who walks funny.

  7. \hn/

  8. you are 100% good point what you said on dialogue i agree with you . remember sometime they are inmature like childish but my simple word is do you bite me or not ? i am not wimp but there is same as human sense who willing to learn each other if they dont like me i am not worry about it let them talk and they will realize later on make mistake.

  9. Tar and ???? – I was not mocking about the grammar. I just thought that it was kind of funny how teachthemasses pointed it out. I understand that people do struggle with the English language. English is the hardest language in the world to comprehend/write.

    Please do not assume that I am making fun of someone until I do say harsh words, which I did not in my other comment.

    Even though you, tar, have used the wrong word, the vlog was still understandable, indeed and that is the important part., of course.

    And to ????, I do not make fun of people who have a second language or someone who walks funny. I respect them very much so. I socialize/work with these kinds of people and they tend to be the best people.

    Anyways, I will stop now and let this go back to the vlog, not about the discussion of grammar and the English language.

  10. rachel… what is your suggestion for the proper phrase? Does time for dialogue sound ok?

  11. I am sorry! Really! I didn’t know it was your second language and though I was just being an old fuddy duddy and not up on new language!!!! Like ” can i facebook you? ” ” If you have a myspace ….” or ”let’s dialogue later”.

    I actually quite like the idea of the verb ”to dialogue with someone”!

    Good luck with your projects- if you heard me trying to speak Arabic you would laugh your body parts off!!

  12. I guess this should be the last comment about the recent situation: but my suggestion would be “time to discuss.” or something like that.

  13. deafnavyhdzztop – Thank you. You got that point.

    Rachel – I am just making a statement of my own facts, nothing personal.. =)

    teachthemass – Its allright.. Do you use ASL too? =)

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