Tar’s Open Vlog to DBC Leaders




~ by Tar2006 on July 19, 2008.

23 Responses to “Tar’s Open Vlog to DBC Leaders”

  1. well said!

    Now we wait 🙂


  2. My letters to DBC Leaders:

    Dear Deaf Bilingual Coalition Core Leaders,
    My name is Taurean Burt in the shortcut name “ Tar ”. As member of the Deaf community, I’ve decided to write a letter to you, DBC Leader for the purpose of growing numbers complaint about DBC and they’re developing to perspective DBC in the negative way. To my understand is that I did not attend DBC Conversation and I do not really know what is going on. So, I want to send you my regards to request all of DBC Leaders to taking courage open the forum/discussion to the Deaf community which they want to know what is going on?
    You need to explain them and clarify thing up on many subject that has something happened and DBC certain lack of the progress and misrepresent us. Please clarify it and this situation will be solution on the most issues. Right now, there is a lot of people are confused about what is going on which isn’t health psychology process for all of us.
    I advice you to speak it out and also sharing them about what is your strategy plan for better in the next events. We, Deaf community are certain looking forward to that. So, there is a lot of positive which is included changes, improvement and getting better that is important. You as our DBC Leader need to take a full responsible for whatever have cause. To my understand that you didn’t set up DBC as officially organization through bylaws which require for all the organization and we all already knew about that. According to that, you didn’t set up that system which is in structured process in the rank with an authority and there is many on the list too. So, not only that we should look them in negative ways. We also should look so many thing what you guys have done in positive ways and I really want to cheerful for that. Thank you all of your DBC Leadership ability to show the Deaf community that we, you and all does care about each others for no matter what we have gone through which could be chaos situation. As long, we have learned our mistake. So, before I am going to wrap this up this letter. I am requesting all DBC Leaders to clarify up with your roles like.. What is your duty? Before you are going to say that, I strongly recommend you to set up DBC as officially organization. So, we can recognize them, bylaws and many ways. Mission need to be more of specific related to DBC’s Constitution. I could be appreciating to see more of positive has happen after this. Again, thank you all DBC Leaders and I am looking forward to see your next new vlogs. Thank you!

    Best Regards,
    Taurean Burt “Tar”

  3. I listen your words and Again thank you for your time Sir!


  4. Tar,

    Excellent! I don’t know if you realize it but out of all people you exercised due process by submitting a letter to DBC and officially requested clarification and response. It demonstrated appropriate ethics on your part. Please keep us posted on any response you receive from DBC. You may find it interesting to learn that somebody from Cochlear Implant community also submitted a letter to DBC few months ago but DBC never answered. You can read about it at http://aslci.blogspot.com/2008/07/dbcs-position-on-cochlear-implants.html. Sad. I hope they will be more responsive this time around.

    Regardless, don’t be discouraged if they don’t respond. You have the potentials to be a great leader. Remember, it is the contents that count, not the container.

  5. Tara,

    Have you seen dbcusa.org website?

    I am surprised that you are still naive about all this despite of how much have already been out on Deafread by other V/Bloggers supporting DBC.

    I think DBC is doing great and those people, such as Mishkazena, Amy Cohen Efron, Barry Sewell, etc have gotten many people included yourself, Tara, confused and demanding more clarification.

    Please be patience and more truth will come your way. Many Deaf people in the community are not confused and please don’t believe one of those few manipulated/r people that want to destroy Deaf babies’ right to have language at the beginning of their life.

    Tara, I know that you are smarter than that but why did you bring this up?


  6. Chris,

    Please do tell me how asking for clarification and transparency will destroy Deaf babies’ rights to have language at the beginning of their life?

    By the way, I’ve repeatedly praised DBC for its success with the conference.

  7. Hello Chris,
    First of thing, my name isn’t Tara. My name is Tar. The time has been running out and there is growing more numbers of misunderstand and complain folks. I felt that as vlogger, I must to do something. Thank you Chris for your opinion. =-)

  8. Chris,

    You are encouraging others to turn a blind eye on numerous important questions asked by the community. You are also turning a blind eye on the fact that DBC has been unresponsive to date. They have not responded to ASL-CI community’s letter. They are still waiting after several months. What is this? A communist state? If so, I must have been born yesterday.

  9. DR,

    Adele Guerva, grandaughter of Che Guereva (sp?), told michael moore that freedom is subjective–what good is being able to say anything you want and nobody listening to you…

    At least in a communist state, when you speak out, somebody actually listens.



  10. DR(?) Barry,

    Numerous important questions asked by the community? It is only a few compare to hundreds to people by the community that know the truth and it is you that trying to mislead the community.

    Barry, you have a history in the past that have misleaded many people as well as Tar into confused state of mind about who really have the integrity which you definitely don’ t have!

    I think that the truth will come out after you stop telling false informations as you have in the past.

  11. Tar.

    I agreed with Ben and DR. Hope that you get response from DBC Core Members.

    Good luck.

  12. Chris,

    Please look up “One party consent” law in America. It’s a real federal law.


  13. Chris,

    Do you have any evidence that DR did false information? Show it to us.

    Be realistic.

  14. Ben Vess/Dr Hocokan aka Barry Sewell – Thank you for agree on this point. I have read the letter of CI community and it would be interesting how DBC response to that.

    Dan – Thank you. =-)

    Chris – You shouldn’t attack someone’s opinion. Barry did not mislead people and me into confused state of mind. He is a man who wants to share about what is going on which is very important to us. If you don’t like the facts about it then it could better for you not to read this. I also want to answer your question, YES, I already went to dbcusa.org website and email over there too. Please quit to target someone, thank you. =)

  15. Chris said,

    Ok, Dan, Ben, Barry and maybe you, Tar, I leave this blog as you all are too irrational to accept logic sense.

    Tar, I believe that you are not looking for trouble as those guys. Please don’t join their ranks.

  16. Chris – Of course not, they are not looking for any trouble. We ARE looking for solution the issues that need to straight it out. If you disagree with this then we will face the justice of our own consequence of our action with DBC. We must to solve the situation by working together and start to set up more skin on DBC not to divide up ourselves as it isn’t work out like this. Please understand this. Thanks!

  17. Tar,

    before you be a fool and go any further with Barry, click this


  18. Chris – Like I said, we’re not here to attack someone’s personal/opinion. I went to that website and I am not convinced because this is his own personal business and this is more of attack someone’s personal which is sad. You can investigate him if you guys like to but we’re here to solution the issues not to complain about someone to divide us. A bylaw is a major necessary for DBC and it is not hard to understand. Thank you.

  19. you’re a smart guy, Tar. I’ll be real glad to see you as one of our leaders in the future 🙂


  20. I am sorry to see that some of you guys are still out there in a continuing attempt to mislead us within the Deaf Community about the integrity of DBC core team members.

    Let me mention one of their issues. It is diversity. Obviously, it has been taken care of (as testified by many v/bloggers) at the DBC conference in Milwaukee where all kinds of deaf attendees were welcome without regards to CI implants, hearing aids, SEE, cued speech being used as their communications code.

    Another issue is that bilingualism is not being advocated enough by DBC members. Again that is not true. It might not be so obvious to many of you who want to steer the enviable and rightful position of DBC into becoming another twin of AGBell: that rightly ASL has to be more emphasized than English considering that the philosophy and long tradition of AGBell has placed so little or no value to ASL in despite of horror stories of many babies who have been raised in tragedy of no language signs. Just because ASL is more emphasized doesn’t mean that DBC has abandoned bi-lingualism as the most important thing in the Deaf Community.

    It is ironic that those dissenters have not accused AGBell of discrimination against the deaf community for denying an access to ASL for deaf babies and deaf children and yet ganging up on DBC because various communication modes are not glorified enough. None of those modes is a language itself. Only English and ASL are bona fide languages. DBC has been trying to clarify that side issue, but it has been basically ignored. What’s more, DBC has indicated that all communication modes are welcome, provided that ASL be also made known to parents of not only to (1) hearing but also (2) deaf (especially deaf!) babies and children. What could be wrong with that? The parents do need DBC to do them a favor by enlightening them about ASL in addition to English before they make their critical decisions.

    Remember that an overwhelming number of doctors are inclined to recommend CI surgery for financial interests without any mention for ASL when they are contacted by desperate parents for some advice. We do need to overcome that great odd of ignorance on the part of such parents!

    After reading issues on Deafhood in DR and looking at all sentiments shared by some v/bloggers and commenters, I am now inclined towards letting parents know a bit about Deafhood in the website of DBC. At least it perhaps should remain a small side issue whenever DBC again holds a rally to gain attention of parents attending future AGBell conferences about the rights of deaf babies and children. So it falls on DBC to make a good judgment.

    We have John Egbert for the chairman and his chosen people to serve as a coalition. Let’s look at how an organization can operate. When an organization is founded, the founders can start out as a coalition or as a formal organization with a set of bylaws. The coalition can be an acting organization until such time as when bylaws are drafted and voted upon before it become more formally organized. The acting chairman or president may be required to make decisions between meetings of his/her board or team or committee that cannot be delayed. Likewise, the board or team or committee may be required to act between general membership meetings.

    The AGBell may have been scheduled for the last week of June apparently before DBC is well prepared to become more formal organization and thus more transparent for those who desire to become its members. We need to bear more patience with DBC in its efforts to become a more formal organization. It would not be unreasonable to expect more at the present from John in keeping us posted about the DBC progress.

    It is to the great credit of DBC team and committee and attendees to make it a heart-felt and unforgettable experience in Milwaukee. Regrettably, I was not there but I do feel for them.

    Tar, I hope you would better understand all those issues that were brought up. Thank you for wanting to approach them in a proper dignified way. I am sure that DBC would respond in kind.


  21. Three weeks of silence from DBC, refusing to answer the questions of the stakeholders…. hmmm


  22. Dean

    You are correct; however, you may not realize that Deafhood has wormed itself into DBC and has been using DBC for THEIR own purposes which is WRONG. DBC and Deafhood have different missions. DBC’s is to help educate parents, teachers, audiologists, doctors, surgeons, etc., realize that there IS another method of communication which is our language, ASL. We also need to help empower our deaf future children (deaf infants and young children) by giving them our ASL in addition to English. Whereas with Deafhood, its mission is ASL, Deaf, ASL, Deaf, ASL, Deaf, ASL, Deaf, ASL, nothing else. They are dead against cued speech, oralism, SEE, AVT, cochlear implants. The Deafhood leaders are so militant.

    I hope you, readers, do see that the mission for each organization is so totally different they shouldn’t be overlapped. DBC should tell those Deafhood leaders affilitated with DBC that if they cannot support DBC’s mission, they should resign and back off so DBC can re-energize their efforts and move forward with their mission!

  23. Ben – Thank you =-)

    Dean – That was a long message. Indeed, you’re right.. I am 100% agreed with you based on your essay. This is one of reason why we need to start working together – look at my next vlog which they need to see the result.

    anon – They will respond when they have a time. Time is killing us.. heh!

    Margaret, this is another side of view and I can understand where you’re stand. This is democracy country where there is no right/wrong.

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