Time to ” Reunite “?




~ by Tar2006 on July 31, 2008.

42 Responses to “Time to ” Reunite “?”

  1. Why you have to mention Barry Sewell while you don’t mention other individual’s name? Obviously, CONFLICT OF INTEREST !!

  2. Thanks to great fellers like you, the deaf community is messed up beyond repair.

  3. Precisely. I did not understand why Tar categorized Barry Sewell as a group. I am an individual, not a group. But I agree with Tar. It’s time to reconcile and work together for the same cause.

  4. “That begs the question” is an appropriate reply when a circular argument is used within one syllogism. That is, when the deduction contains a proposition that assumes the very thing the argument aims to prove; in essence, the proposition is used to prove itself, a tactic which in its simplest form is not very persuasive. For example here is an attempt to prove that Paul is not lying:

    Suppose Paul believes what he says.
    Therefore, Paul is not lying.

    Begging the question is related to the fallacy of circular reasoning. The distinction between the two concepts is as follows: Circular reasoning is the basing of two conclusions each upon the other (or possibly with more intermediate steps). That is, if you follow a chain of arguments and conclusions (a proof or series of proofs), one of the conclusions is presumed by an earlier conclusion.

    “The syntactic presentation of the fallacy is rarely this transparent, as is shown, for example, in the above argument purportedly proving Paul is telling the truth.”

  5. Tar. Tar and Tar. You need to learn the laws of the real-world. All not-for-profit organizations are under very strict laws including those enforced by the IRS. This is where DBC, CAD and NAD turned dirty because they let DBC go on about themselves without a measure of accountability including that of fiscal and total transparency.

  6. Tar,

    I do not understand why you refused to share the truth that you discovered from two DBC core members. You said you’ve learned the full truth but would not tell us because you did not feel that it was your job to tell us. Your statement in itself tells us that DBC is full of secrets. Not good.

  7. Dr Hocokon,

    You got it prefectly, making me wonder why he is doing that to our Deaf community? Is he defending DBC? This vlog is making Tar show his real colors! Isn’t it?

    Hey Tar, why not call Dr. Hocokan via VP?

  8. You see that Barry Sewell has the habit of begging a question of Tar, who has the right to secrecy. Barry seems to have had something hidden. He planned to destroy DBC.

    Tar, you are doing a great job!!!

  9. This is called blind trust, and it is very dangerous. Barry and his group might as well just talk in circles.

  10. I respect Tar for who he is. I respect his decision to confide in himself and people he’s talked to. But I do not understand why he said he learned the full truth and then fell short of tellingus. If he does not want to tell us then don’t tell us he found the truth. It’s like saying, hey I’ve got the cake but no you can’t have it. It’d be better if we didn’t know a cake existed if we can’t have it.

  11. Tar,

    It’s good to see you vlogging. I would like to point out a couple things you should be aware of. To start, this is a cardinal rule of public figures, don’t discuss something you cannot discuss. If your VP conversation with them was confidential, then you shouldn’t mention that at all.

    Second thing, another cardinal sin, as a leader, you have a responsibility of making information available. Don’t ask a community of hundreds, if not thousands, to each make a personal phone call to an individual. You have an obligation to inform. If you cannot, then don’t take an authoritative position and “tell us to go find out for ourselves.”

    For a community to be united, open dialogue is needed. If one group ignores a few others, conduct themselves in an oppressive manner with others–be assured that this open dialogue is not happening. I have different philosophies than you do. In order for you and me to unite as a force within the community:

    We, both, must compromise. That is the art of diplomacy, something I’m not quite fond of. How did you know I have not contacted them? I have yet to hear a word from any one of them regarding their organization.

    Also, I’m having a hard time getting what is supposedly be public documents from certain organizations. So, are you saying, if they refuse to contact me, I have to go and find out these information on my own.

    The way I know how to do it is go to the IRS and inform them that certain NPO are not following through with their responsibilities of opening access to public records. Either that or the press.

    What should I do?


  12. Why did you record aim conversations private; it was it to put it to show to the audience?

    Barry’s statement is a mirror to reflect impression.

    It is the best for us to hit the mirror so it flies and breaks into piece. That would mean, bringing back luck, to tell the future. It is time to face to face in real life in the world.

  13. (communicate face to face in real life)

  14. FloridaGirl

    Please understand that Barry Sewell in a legal right to do what he did with the AIM conversation. If I were you, I would look up, “One Party Consent” federal law.

    What the other AIM users should have said before their comments is this: “Off the record.” If you read the conversation, you will see that it has not been said once. Not once.

    Barry is in the right for doing what he did.


  15. Great vlog, Tar!

    Don’t worry about the naysayers… They are jealous that DBC has risen without them. Looks like DBC did things right, because registered agent of IRS checked and said no problems there.

    Barry Sewell goes whereever he can get attention. Barry is wanna-be leader, not True Leader like Ella. Who follow Barry? Complainers, not doers. Doers are smart and know Ella build the Deaf World, not tear it down for ha ha look at me fun like Barry.

    Good advice… Do your own checking out. Ask real people, don’t just rely on hearsay, lies and distortion from crank blogger like Barry.

    Tar is a doer. See Tar’s funny videos on YouTube. You ROCK, Tar.

    Joshua Engild

  16. I did not record the meeting. It was recorded by DBC and distributed to all participants. In short, I did not record the meeting without anybody’s consent. Furthermore, DBC is CAD’s program. CAD has a by-law in place and CAD is recognized by IRS’s 501(C)(3) therefore its’ affairs is open to public. The meeting was nothing private. It was a DBC meeting therefore the public has the right to know, according to IRS guideline.

    Secondly, I agree with Ben Vess’ comment to Tar. Tar sent a letter to DBC and announced it to the public and we supported his letter. And now he says he has learned the truth but won’t announce it to the public.

  17. Amazing, just amazing…. Tar goes and asks certain people for more information, they share it with him, and he says he now understands better about what was going on. He encourages the rest of us to go and respectfully ask these people to share their side of the story, instead of giving it to us as secondhand information (which can be construed as “hearsay”). And now he is being attacked for making a call for “re-unity” and for not sharing his private discussions with these people. Amazing, just amazing…. I have some conclusions I can draw about this, but I think I’m not going to share them with you all — I will let you draw your own conclusions…..

  18. Tar,

    Good job that you encouraged everyone to unite. But you need to review on other side, not one side. It’s all about LAW. Please don’t ignore about LAW, it’s the mandatory. Read http://www.dbcfacts.com or make a VP call to Barry. He is very happy to explain with you about it.

    I agreed with Barry. He has full of LEGAL evidences and he has a lawyer, too. Puzzles are all matched in his view.

    Wake up.


  19. Really immature on your behalf, Tar! Hey Everyone, go to his youtube.com and watch his previous vlogs explaining about necessary to have unity for deaf community! Now all sudden, OFF THE POINT… How come? Please help me understand…

  20. Hi Tar,

    You are right. You cannot share any secondhanded information with anyone. It is best to have communication between person and person directly. I am surprised some people would do anything to get information no matter how qualified it is! I find it very amusing.

    Regarding meeting minutes or documents, it is chairperson’s responsible to report to Board or committee or general members. The person, who showed minutes or documents to the public without chairperson’s permission, made a very poor judgement. All meeting documents can be shown or not be shown depending on various issues and items.

    Federal, state or local government does not always report to us, the voters and members because of many reasons.


  21. Deafchip,

    Read Barry’s evidences – DBCfacts.com

    You do, know the facts. You stayed supporting Deafhood cults and ignored the righteous, fairness. Please admit that you are one of Ella’s GANG.

    Think fairness, modernized. Today is digital time. Get rid of politics of PAST.

  22. i tried to say something but like in Teri’s vlog on Is silence golden???, I decided to be a warty frog and see how it plays out…

  23. Folks, Tar is perfectly within his rights to not share information with you people that he has discovered in his discussions with whomever. Hearsay information has a way of changing when it is told to other people, then to other people and so on forth.

    If you want accurate information, go to the horse’s mouth… in other words, DBC core people. Email them, vp them. Get the information YOURSELVES. I think this is the best way to stop all the innuendoes, attacks. There are TWO sides to every story.

    In the meantime, please lay off the personal attacks.

    Thank you,


  24. Ben Vess you are grasping at straws by making reference to “one party consent”. Which specific law are you talking about? You are flying by the seat of your pants.

    The CAD is a PRIVATE non-profit organization, even though it has a public purpose. The CAD (and the DBC) has the RIGHT to hold some private meetings.

    NO ONE has the right to release the transcripts of private meetings without the CAD or DBC’s permission. No one.

  25. Unless that is under contract of confidentiality–which I don’t believe Barry is–these documents usually find its way into the public eye.

    Welcome to the real world.


  26. PRIVATE non-profit organization?? What a joke. Every members has right to read the documents.

    Barry just opened the TRUTH and FACTS. DBC Core Leaders can’t stand with that. That is why they are trying hard to resist it by saying NO RIGHTS to reveal or any other idea to avoid it. 😉

    Deafhood / DBC Hardcore supporters. Got it? Sorry, there is NO escape.


  27. Hello Everyone,
    Please do not MISINTERPRETER me or jump some conclusion. I have found their own personal view on the point and this person asked me not to make vlog about it. I respect their request because I am not that kind of person who will go tell on the vlog and disrespect their privacy own view on this subject when they asked me not to.
    I, personally have my own view and I do not want to share with people about my view on AGBELL because I have an issue with them. I prefer not to go out and attack AGBELL but instead of I am keeping this issue to myself.

    I also want to apologize for not clarify up about “ Barry Sewell’s group “.. I mean people who use the term of word “Barry Sewell” which he is represent as individual who believe in his philosophy. This is what I mean… I am sorry for label you in wrong ASL because I had to do vlog for third time due memory full.. I wasn’t thinking to make my point.

    Again.. I made a clear that I have nothing to expose the truth in my hands because those people “ DOESN’T ” represent DBC to discuss with me. This person has their own view which something has do with stand up for Deaf community that our philosophy doesn’t match/fit to that. I don’t know if it is really active inside DBC. I discovered the point of it but I did NOT discover what is really going on and this is the truth because they want to talk with DBC Leaders first before make vlog and we will find out when they are ready.

    People, I am 100% support/ back-up Barry Sewell and DBC but I am trying to figure out how can all of this issue to working together since they all have different viewers. We can attack each other as we pleasure but we are facing the division of this community. I told them to make vlog because I don’t want to represent for them. They will share with you about their philosophy which you need to know more of it.

    This person gave me a permission to make vlog to let all of you know that DBC will answer some of your question and I hope they don’t mean to put me in humidity position since I am not represent for DBC lol..

    Thank you for understand..
    – Tar

  28. To Ben Vess:

    “Real world”? Come on…

    You’re flying by the seat of your pants, and you know it. It was WRONG. EXTREMELY WRONG.

    Even if some legal loophole could be found (which isn’t going to happen), then the act itself was an extreme breach of morality since he has now caused people to fear using instant messages and e-mails. This has put a chill down ordinary people’s spines and they will NEVER AGAIN feel free to share their candid opinions via instant messages and e-mail.

    It was a profoundly anti-reality and oppressive act, perhaps worse than any single act committed by PK, JK or IKJ.

  29. Ok, it is time for answer/question…

    Todd – Quit jump conclusion on me. I accidently to say Barry Sewell’s group and I didn’t mean by that… At least I apologized. You don’t need to be so harsh. Geez
    I –

    Dr Hocokan – Yes.. I am so sorry and it was my mistake and I didn’t mean by that group. I was meant you represent for all of us as individual since you was first person who saw the truth.
    I did not refuse to share the truth. I refuse to share my view with all of you because this is conflict of the interesting between me and AGBELL. Thank you for patience with my error.. lol

    FloridaGirl- Barry Sewell did not beg the question. He wants to clarify up with my error.

    Gestapo – I am not only person who will learn it. I am still learning it. We shouldn’t focus on DBC too much with their mistake. We need to see the out of the box and understand what they are trying to do something.

    Ben Vess- Thank you for cheer me up, this person gave me permission that I can share vlog limited of their own personal’s view as I respect for it. I don’t considered myself as leader because I don’t represent DBC or Deaf community. I am just a member of Deaf community who made a major attention to them just like you, Barry, many others..
    I also ENCOURAGED them to share their personal’s view on the vlog in the appropriate words. I can understand it wasn’t fair that they didn’t respond your concern and others. I have been wondering why and I am not so sure how our philosophy will work fit to their own philosophy.. I am trying to say like this… Water cannot mixed up with oil and both will never work like this.. It is hard for us to find this as fit in. I am in search for solution not to attack each other, you know?

    Anonymous- Thank you for share your opinion but they are not jealous.. They are search DBC to respond their concern like I did.

    Mr. DanG – You got that right about what I have been doing. I cannot blame those people because they are still search for the truth. I guess the times will tell soon.. =)

    Dan – Thank you, Legal is very important too. I am not on one side. I am neutral who looking for solution. This is one of another reason why I had to do this is because we need to reunite along with legal involved too.. =)

    Deafchip- Thank you and it said it all =) This is why we need to reunite!

    H – LOL!

    Shel – Thank you and you made a good point. I know that I did do right time.

    Thank you all.. I hope it does answer to your question?

  30. Anonymous,

    It is obvious you’ve never been around celebrities. Morals are subjective. Every public person and organization knows, including the White House, if it’s a secret, it is “off the record.”

    Anything otherwise will, almost surely, fall into the public eye. Morals or not.

    That’s the real world. Sorry you’re not living in it.

  31. Tar,

    No worries. I just wanted to clear that up and make sure you and everybody knew I was only an individual. I don’t represent any group or any organization. It’s just me even though a very large numbers of deaf and hearing people agreed with me. My email was swamped with supportive comments but I refuse to be part of any political sides. I stand for integrity and that’s all there’s to it.

    Thanks Tar.

  32. One more thing Tar… as a friend I must tell you that it was rather odd for most people when you said you would not share what you learned after you publicly sought our support behind the letter. Many people supported you and your letter and now they felt betrayed, in a sense when you learned the truth but do not share the information with them. It’s just public relation disaster, if I may say so. I know you are learning and I know you meant well. I know you are honest and straight-forward and I like that in an individual. But you do not show us the carrot and then eat it yourself at the end. Take care.


  33. Tar,

    No problem. I definitely agreed with Barry’s comment at 2:07 am. Be yourself. Don’t let anyone to brainwash you or making you FLIP-FLOP. It means changing your mind about your letter. Just stay with one word you made, it would be a honor of word.

    We, all understand you. Don’t worry about us, others. We just make sure that you use your own conscience.

  34. Ben Vess,

    Your comment is unresponsive. People need to feel secure that their instant message conversations will not be broadcast to the world verbatim without their consent. Without that security they WILL NOT share their candid opinions.


  35. Tar,

    Don’t worry but now I understand… just move on!

  36. Hey Tar & Everybody… I understand Tar and know he is a liasion advicate and believes in bringing everybody to the same table for healthy dialogue. He knows the complete truth and he knows where he stand and yet he’s more interested in being the liasion than anything else because this is where he is most effective. He is young and he’s learning the curves, in which he could have used better words to describe his feelings. For example, instead of saying you need to find out yourself because it is not my job to tell you…. he should just say that he found out about the truth but will refrain from taking sides because of his role as a liasion. His choice of words and wisdom will only get better in matter of time. He has a great character and content. He’ll make a truly great leader one of these days. Let’s forgive him for his ill-choice of words and look at the brighter picture… what’s brought about it is the fact that he is doing something about the problem instead of sitting in front of TV at home and doing nothing. He is pro-active. My hat’s off to him for doing something about it. Regards to everybody.

  37. Tar, I feel that I need to correct one of your assumptions – Barry was not the first to see a problem with DBC. MishkaZena, Amy Cohen Efron, Anne Marie Baer and I were the one of the first.

    If you’ll recall, I argued with DBC last year on the blogs. I was very public with my feelings of dissatisfaction with DBC, and I paid a price for that.

  38. That’s right Deafpundit. I became outraged when I learned that I was not the first victim, enough to make sure that I was going to be the last victim. But for as long as DBC refuse to abide by due process and by-laws there will be more victims.

  39. Be careful, Tar. Notice that MZ and ACE don’t support Barry Sewell anymore. They wanted more information made public, but Barry is one of those people who can be charming when it helps him become your friend, but will become cruel with you later.

    Ask the people who have known him a long time at the Idaho School for the Deaf.

    It is good to want to bring people together. Maybe work with MZ and ACE if you want to bring about good change. Barry is trouble. Wolf in sheep’s clothes.

    Keep your good heart! With a good heart, you can make real, lasting, POSITIVE change.

    Anonymous because Barry has made it unsafe to be otherwise

  40. Anonymous, I don’t know what you’re talking about. This is news to me, and I know MishkaZena and Amy Cohen Efron very well. I would appreciate it if people double-checked their information to be sure it is accurate. We don’t need more rumors to add fuel to the fire.

    I think it’s time for all of us to take a break from this issue.


  41. Rub my eyes … hardly read the comments. I hope DBC keeps up with the positive outcomes. Diane

  42. Thumbs up and High five from our Laurent Clerc friends and Sign Language fans !!!!!!!!!!

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