Hand or Eye?




~ by Tar2006 on August 12, 2008.

7 Responses to “Hand or Eye?”

  1. Lol! Cool! Better to lose hands, than eyes. Because there are many technology devices that can be replaced with hands. While eyes are more difficult or almost impossible.

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  2. My hands so that I can see sports, watch conservations, movies, etc. Without my eyes would be lonesome and must rely on someone to sign what was going on around. I would kill myself if I go blind and not able to hear what was going on.

  3. Interesting question. I would have to say I’d rather lose my hands. Need my eyes to access the world. If no hands, can still find ways to work around how to sign or write. Could use prosthetic hands — not the same as real hands but might be “good enough”. But most definitely, I’d rather lose neither! 😉

  4. I’m with Dr. Don G. I won’t want to lost both! Eyes and hands are sooo important to me.

  5. Hee Hee, pretty silly question but I will rather lose hands than eyes. Without hands and still can signs, no problem. but silly question you ask everyone, maybe important but who knows.

  6. That’s the toughest and good question! Hands I use to communicate daily and eyes to see things daily…oh boy…I need time to think about this.

  7. Rehashed topic suitable for DVTV. 🙂

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