Republican is the PROBLEM!




~ by Tar2006 on October 7, 2008.

12 Responses to “Republican is the PROBLEM!”

  1. There will always be problem.. in republic and also democrats..during the president Clinton, there were problems, I also view him to be LAZY! But really what’s the problem? People are trying to throw God out of America and forgot about God, that’s why America is going where it’s going. I am not big fan of McCain, I grow up in Arizona so I knew some about him. But Obama scares me, he does not appear to be patrotic and it’s possible it’s because of him being Muslim, that scares me too. There is more to it than just that. I now live in Alaska where Sarah Palin is from and she have been popular here in Alaska and done well as Mayor in past, and now as governor. Of course she is not perfect, but she did well. No president or vice president will be perfect. Between Obama and McCain, I would vote for McCain because Obama scare me in some areas, even his wife scare me on some area she said and do too. Sorry..I hope republic rule once again..We need keep God in America and help us.

  2. republicans in office always have problems… always…

    okay.. interesting..

    Abraham Lincoln” – Republican – Outspoken opponent of slavery
    Theodore Roosevelt – Republican – Hepburn Act, pure food act, FDA etc
    George H. W. Bush – Republican – Enacted the ADA in 1990, Clean Air ACt

    Last ‘8 years’

    Bill Clinton – Democrat – got a Blow job in office, lied, impeached.
    George Bush – Republican – didnt lie, didnt get impeached.

    seriously.. I can vent too

    I think Democrats are the PROBLEM – they cry too much.

  3. Nixon cheat!
    Ford weak!
    Regan steal!
    Papa Bush dumb!
    Baby Bush lied!
    If McCain next president McSame!

  4. Republican Anti-Christ!

  5. which proves my point.. they cry too much.

  6. Midwest Guy Skew!

  7. For Midwest Guy…

    I laugh when you said they cry too much.. that remind me a lot of Al Gore… remember when he was running for president… he was a big baby when he lost , remember the debate?? OHH.. that Gore.. he distrub Bush many times.. he was a big baby.. When he complain about votes.. my husband mentioned that he is being cry baby.

  8. Hello Midwest and Kara,
    Thank you for leaving the comments as I appreciate that you input your opinion here..

    For Kara, Clintion was the first president who made a big blast raise the America Economy that none of USA President has done that. How can you view him as LAZY because of his action? At first, I was afraid of Obama then I changed my view on him after he defeated Hilliary Clinton. He got better in debate and improves everyday to get his point. So, I support most of his debate how he manage the America is what WE need.

    For Midwest,

    – Abraham Lincoln was raised known as Democrat but he changed his status to Republican because in that time, we need more focus on business and expands them. It was good era different than today.

    – Theodore Roosevelt had a bad economy also..

    – George H. W. Bush – thought that he could beat Bill Clinton?!? LOL
    – George Bush – Historians suggested that he could be the WORST president in American history.. Its fact..

    Now, look at the history of Democrat:

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt – Rescued the Great Depression from the MESS by Republican President Herbert Hoover. FDR becomes the popular president in the American history..

    John F. Kennedy – Solved the crisis between Cuba/Russia which we, American could have been nuclear if it wasn’t for JFK.

    Bill Clinton – Great leader who helped over billions people in American and he would be consider one of great president too.. Republican hates that they want to put our lives through suffer just like we had through with Bush… John McCain would do the same thing too.. So, take him OUT!

  9. Al Gore did not cried over this, you’re silly.. He was going to winning to defeat Bush but the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Bush wins since the Republican remain known as problem.

    Simple and plain..

  10. Tar Smart!

  11. Hey Tar,
    Agree with you.. at first I dislike Obama’s personailty but dont want McCain at all so now Ive changed my mind. Id prefer pick Democrat.. time to change …we had enough Republican with Bush. As for Obama Im sure people will help him to go thru the change.. for better USA.
    Please vote Obama.

  12. Tara,
    I honestly think that people should not judge Obama’s religion because it is do nothing with this. They should focus on what Obama will change America.
    Im sure some deaf people already know that McCain was board of trustess and didn’t know how to solve the problem at Gallaudet University. you can check this website.

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