“Hookwinked!” in Deaf School


~ by Tar2006 on May 2, 2009.

4 Responses to ““Hookwinked!” in Deaf School”

  1. Tai,

    Your ASL signing is really beautiful, but try your own best to avoid some SEE signs like “system” and “faculty”. I know that is really pretty hard to avoid the SEE signs from time to time.

    Just look up to Joey Baer’s past vlog for signing “system” with Y-shaped hand.

    I also cleaned up my ASL signings inflicted from the SEE and PSE. I sometimes have no idea for approriate ASL sign from time to time.

    Great analogy about how the school adminstration of many residential schools of the deaf manipulate and control and filter out the straight line (access) to the state-run school board.

    Excellent suggestion for going directly to the state board with any kind of legitimate concerns and feedbacks how to improve the educational system. The state board members surely will be very happy to know what is really going on with the school.

    Please do another vlog how and what to approach the state board members. The email correspondences would be very great idea, but also send the “snail letter” (old-fashioned letter) with certified mail and return signature form as a reminder. Also send the video mail with signings and captions.

    I hope that many deaf people do not have to worry about their English writing skills and show their real comptence level to show why and how any particular school really fail to maximize their writing skills for the outside world.

    Deaf people with limited English writing skills ought to consult the trustworthy deaf individual or group to assist them with another letter/email message and video mail (captions) to show the state board members about our “second language” skills, etc.

    I had similar experiences with my former WV School for the Deaf’s usual dress-up (false) impressions to put on the show for state board members’ annual visit to the school.

    In reality, school board members NEVER sit down or talks with students and teachers to find out what is really going on with the school.

    The school adminstrators at my former alta mater, WV School for the Deaf were damn good at the “information control” and rushed the school board members from interacting with students and teachers, especially deaf teachers.

    That is also the responsibility of the school board members to reach out to the students and teachers, not overly rely upon the school adminstrators to supply the information (datas and statistics).

    The school board (state-run board, too) ought to give their email address, mailing address, phone number and the state school board and other school boards’ formal office email address, mailing address and phone number to keep the open communication.

    Many thanks for vlogging on the topic of finding the way around the “middle” room. Keep up your good work!

    You are surely a handsome fellow which much easier on the deaf eyes. LOL!

    I never like my own external appearance. Yes, I am too vain myself *rolling eyes in disbelief*

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)
    RLMDEAF blog

  2. One more thing, why don’t you do modeling for your supplement (extra) income. Your looks are very unique and photogenetic along with your cool hairstyle.

    I want to see more deaf people going into modeling world like Ben Vess. I also want to see more Ben Vess on any glossy pages, too.


  3. You make a series of excellent points. I was a teacher for both the deaf residential schools and deaf programs within regular schools (just to get an idea of both environments). I can tell you from my experience that being a teacher of the deaf and especially a culturally deaf person at that that there are a lot of factors that deprive the teachers of any creativity in teaching, an ability to build a “deaf-friendly” environment, and to boost a working network between teachers, principals, and parents is rather beyond a Herculean task of its self.

    And I do notice a common factor in all the teaching experiences I have that often leads to the problems themselves: the principals themselves! I have the misfortune of working under two very very completely unprofessional, unethical, unemphatic, dishonest, and oppressive principals. I could tell you stories and you could swear that it in itself is impossible for all of these stories to be true but they are. I had experienced and suffered and my teaching career was pretty much finished before they started.

    Mostly because they see me as a threat. I had stood up for the students, parents, and other teachers. I had encouraged teamwork, open communication, and for us to make headway into making things better for the school itself. And I am a big proponent for Deaf Culture, American Sign Language, and other themes associated with the Deaf. Simply put, the tensions resulted because of the disrespect for American Sign Language, Deaf Identity issues, and such on the part of principals of which I deem as a long and tremendous harm toward the social, personal, and emotional growth of deaf children. That is the big problem in addition to the principals playing to the tune of state boards. They are power-hungry and wants to be total authoritarians depriving teachers…the REAL FORCE behind the school programs..of their professional growth, creativity, and the right to work in an environment that is beneficial to them as to everyone.

    I had advocated for an environment that allows the students to be themselves, to focus on their strengths as to work from there rather than focusing on weaknesses that often are no big deal in the end, and to foster their growth in addition to involve parents to be a part of the team and to encourage working relationships between teachers.

    The school ( I could say the name but for potential legal issues…I decide to be careful here) I had worked at doesn’t respect ASL, Deaf Culture, ignored parents completely, had taken steps to oppress strong deaf culturally teachers and had created a very negative hostile environment for deaf teachers as well as the deaf students to work and grow in.

    Thanks for the great vlog! Keep it up!

  4. Joseph,

    Sheesh! Why not seek the legal assistance to find out whether you could publicize the particular school from being possibly dragged into the legal system to be countersued.

    Any teachers should not be a victim of school politics and do their jobs without being frustrated of dealing with the school system.

    Why not go public with the help of trusted journalist or someone else to make your case much stronger and impossible to be ignored. 🙂


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