Deaf or ASL Bilingual Coalition?


~ by Tar2006 on May 4, 2009.

10 Responses to “Deaf or ASL Bilingual Coalition?”

  1. Tar,

    I LIKED your sign for the deaf-centric listening, instead of using the sign for “hear”.

    That is the new sign ever I see. Other deaf people did use “receive” with two fingers to asborb anything in ASL.

    What an interesting concept of re-naming the DBC”. I strongly think that we ought to keep the name of DBC which apply to the deaf community in general.

    Fingerspelling “DBC” would be much easier and seperate anything as compared to the “ABC”. That would confuse people in general about the ABC-TV network. We would confuse more with the fingerspelling of the ABC with the AFA(Audism Free America).

    Your proposal ought to be taken under consideration to see what other deaf people think.


  2. ASLBilingual Coaltion makes it much more specific to a group of

    Deaf Culture not deaf people in general. Glad you thought of that!

  3. I already brought that up during the launching phase of DBC. I recommended Dual Language instead of Bilingual because Bilingual Education Action has its own long history and unfortunately so much baggage that politicians no longer want to hear that word “bilingual” anymore. Believe me.

    NAD hired an expert to help revising their statement about ASL and English and the expert said the same thing.

    You are right for two reasons, it is best use term to define of what is really very essential to our existence, that is ASL in par to air, water and food. Second, use term that will funnel more $$ than to argue that we are being stupidly passionate human beings. Some people thinks being so emotional is cool. In the reality, it is a major gaffe.

    You got it 100% perfect right, but stand not let these ruthless people splash street water all over on you like this.

    Fact: once an organization straitlaced themselves in their own cocoon, they will never change their title. Never.

    We can always go ahead use smarter terms after our projects, causes, whatever and we have no need to wait for some people to realize that. Ultimately the history will speak for itself.

  4. Tar, you are saying focus on ASL and not on “Deaf”, separating the two concepts for Hearing people to consider. Hmm. It would be like separating French people from the French language–one can know the people without knowing French, and French without knowing a French person.

    That makes it more neutral, and that could help because many people dislike the thought of being without hearing. To focus only on the language itself is less threatening and more doable.

    It’s a really good point you have, and we should all give it serious consideration. Thanks, Tar.

  5. Tar,

    I kinda like Ann Marie’s notion of “Dual Language” which make more sense than ‘Bilingual”. She seems targeted right on the wording of “bilingual” to be the tiresome phrase to many politicians and bilingual supporters.

    “Dual Language” is somewhat new and fresh concept. I will look up more on dual language.

    Too bad, Anne Marie could not be part of the DBC. She would be very great asset to the DBC. Anne is very logical and reasonated person ever I know of any deaf person.

    Anne Marie once approached me about my own prejudices toward Israel. She explained that I should go to Israel and see for myself without getting solely informed thru media reports. Her remark hit me pretty hard how I assess my own understanding of Israel. 🙂

    No questions about me still not happy with Israeli political leadership dealing with the Palestinans and the use of phorsophous bomb. I always root for the oppressed people anyway.

    I always smile whenever I see Anne Marie. I know that Anne is always the levelheaded person no matter I sometimes disagree with her opinions on linguistic issues.


  6. For once, I agree with you. ASL does not have as much baggage as the word, deaf does. And when we explain to others about how important ASL is, people will understand, because like you said in the vlog, there is scientific proof there already. If they refuse to believe the scientific proof, then that is THEIR problem! Others will see that and understand that the person is someone who should be ignored.

    Focusing on the need of ASL, will make many people receptive to what we have to say, making our fight more easy to win. Deaf babies/children will definitely benefit quicker if we take that approach, instead of arguing forever about the word, deaf.

    Plus, there is also a psychological theory (Whorf-Sapir) that language influences thought. That also will influence culture. So the more people who learn ASL, will pick up on some Deaf culture too. So our culture spreads out more.

    It is a win-win situation. Deaf babies/children will learn ASL, in order to have a good education, and they WILL pick up Deaf culture in the process, and have a deaf identity later because of access to ASL.

    By the way, Anne Marie is correct in everything she said about her experience in DBC. I witnessed it all, and I agree with her. Do not let people stop you from sharing that idea. It is a great idea, and we all should discuss that honestly and openly. Thanks for bringing it up!

  7. Provided that the word, “American” BE omitted if internationally when proposed to both Congress and the WFD(World Federation of the Deaf).

  8. Hi everyone,

    I recently looked up the conceptual meaning of “dual language” on the Internet. It meant great emphasis to master the dominant language, ex. English to transfer from someone’s primary language use and discard hir native language.

    I could understand WHY the wording of “dual language” have been rejected by the DBC committee in the first place.

    Let’s not dwell on the past DBC internal bickerings. If Anne Marie and other deaf individuals have strong passions for creating another grassroot activism with same goals,etc and go for the creation of new organization.

    Could Anne Marie kindly explain why she choose the wording of dual language?

    Have we done any survey with hearing people at random to see what they really think of the DBC or ASL Bilingual Coaltion?

    I think that we better leave the DBC for now unless we have to change it for some reasons.

    I personally hate the internal organizational bickerings among deaf organizations or group which cause bad bloods between someone else and others.

    Some deaf people would take it personally if someone disagree with their proposal or agruments, etc.


  9. Interesting comments … I found something wrong with this ideal term of ASL Bilingual Coalition (ABC) because the Deaf concept of bilingual that treats the respective languages of ASL and English as equality so the word of “ASL” in the title of ABC is redundant,

  10. Нет,по настоящиму улыбнул 8 пункт,просто представил такую ситуацию ))).

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