DeafPundit, Welcome to Reality…


~ by Tar2006 on May 25, 2009.

8 Responses to “DeafPundit, Welcome to Reality…”

  1. Tar,

    Are you threatening me?

  2. No, he was not making a threat on you, DP. Get that through your skull.


  3. Quite interesting, in your first impression said, “Tar, Are you threatening me?”
    First of all, who said that you’re being threatened? You continue failed to understand the reality, don’t ya? Oh yeah, I recalled that I made my point comment toward under your blog and you disabled my post. I had to made 2nd post to blunt you about being deny the fact of reality. You then changed your mind to enable my first post. What is going on with you?
    DeafPundit, lemme rephrase what I meant by my vlog. You made a big deal about being mooning but there is thousands of death in reality related to rapes, drugs, human abuses, and children strives, everything than you have image about the mooning. It is so amaze that you actually have a time to discuss about it while you have a long way to learn.
    You’re also embarrassed me because we live in the same state, you act like you’re snub to everyone and push them away. Look at you, you’re same since Michigan hungry strives protest. Just like Ridor said, “THAT’S SO YOU!” What a pathetic you are…

  4. Tar, my blog is under moderation.

    As it is, I’ve contacted law enforcement about your vlog, and I’ve made copies of it.

  5. LOL at you, Deafpundit (Miss. Snub)… Go ahead, contact them because you’re wasting your time.

    Perhaps, you do not understand the point of my vlog. I already made a clear in there that you could imagery if you’re experience that. Who said that I am not allowed to say anything about it? Huh

    I’m still laugh at you because you continue don’t understand the reality…

    Oh by the way, you want to keep ur blog under control? How come you just changed your mind to enable my post? Do you call it “moderation”?

  6. Tar,

    I’m not clear on how the Saw movie analogy is related to reality? Could you please explain more clearly so that I can understand the point you are trying to make?

    This is obviously a very sensitive topic so it’s important that there is no confusion about what it is that you are trying to say.

  7. Jared,

    There is no confusion. We all obviously have a difference understand level and based on my vlog about SAW issue is something that it is a human torture where it is difficult for us to survive the reality.
    I believe that we shouldn’t make a big issue about Barb Digi’s mooning video. I believe that if Deafpundit is experiencing through the SAW and she will be never same again and won’t complain about mooning issue. I think everyone should be pleasure with their lives meantime a human torture is something we should make a big deal rather than mooning thingy… That is my point.
    – Tar

  8. Getting law enforcement involved just to create a friction between yourself and Tar2006, DP?

    Grow up, DP.

    Oh, I forgot — you can’t.


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