About Tar

About Tar

In April 1988, Taurean “TAR” born in Detroit, Michigan and born Deaf. His mother who is Children of Deaf Adult (CODA) does not acknowledge about his Deaf identify until Tar were about 1-2 years old. His Deaf grandpa discovered that he were Deaf and told his mother about it. He were raise by his mother’s family side. They have communicate with him through American Sign Language (ASL). Tar and his mother are close and very well in effective communication through ASL. Tar is youngest brother of 3 boys under his mother’s side.

In 2006, Tar graduated from Michigan Deaf School. He were also previously attended to several mainstream schools and public school with no Deaf program. After graduated, he attended to Gallaudet University for a year. He took a break then decided to depart to seek for different experience journey.

In 2010, Tar decided to pursue his dream to participant the Business world where he wants to learn many different kind of opportunity. Unfortunately, he came from the poor family who had long history with trouble financially that really slow him down. He and his family have been went through bad economy and they decided to move to Texas. They want to seeking different environment and hope for better. Tar’s dream will never stop and continues.

Tar’s Passion

 The term of ” Taurean ” came from the horoscope which is Taurus. He born with the character of strength in leadership where he believes in ambition to empowerment for the future of the Deaf generation to come. Tar is also long-time in position support of American Sign Language also he have participated several the Deaf organization including National Deaf Association, Michigan Deaf Association and many more… He is also ASL Activist, Deaf atmosphere Vlogger since 2006 and continue… 

What is screename Tar2006?

Before Deafvideo.tv established in 2007, Tar felt that the year of 2006 was his best year of life opportunity included graduated, participant many different kind of activities in Gallaudet University, gain many new knowledge and more. He won’t forget the great moment in his life that is what define Term of ” Tar2006 ” where he creates his character to bring some uncomfortable zone, reality, inspirational, controversy, many more into vlog atmospheres– Deafread, Deafvideo, Deafcube, Youtube, many more… Tar2006 may be arguably one of the most controversy vloggers in the Deaf community.


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